Kevin Donovan’s car was stolen from his driveway i

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Kevin Donovan’s car was stolen from his driveway in Toronto. It was tracked to a Halifax port, bound for the Middle East - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

My blue Toyota Highlander SUV was in our driveway in Toronto at 3:01 a.mThe country was not even 200 per day. on Thursdays provinces, with exceptions such a, Septand other outdoor public gatherings can have up to 150 people attend.. 30.

At 3:02 a.m. someone used a high-tech device to unlock the door and start the engine. The thief backed the Toyota out of the driveway and headed up the street, just over a kilometre, past our local high school, and turned right after some train tracks. Most likely the thief had a buddy in a second vehicle who dropped him at our house, then shadowed him up the road.

My Toyota stopped at the side of a small park at 3:05 a.m., according to the internal tracking device. Then all electronic trace of the five-month-old vehicle vanished. Gone with it a brand-new orbital sander, some tie-down straps, golf clubs, two kilograms of bread flour, and a two-pack of Werther’s hard candies.

Roughly 80,000 cars are stolen in Canada each year — 25,000 of those in Ontario, with most of those from the GTA. It’s a growing number due to the pandemic, with supply chain issues reducing the number of new cars for sale or lease.

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