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The 2019 industrial Internet Summit held a 360 show with the car safety brain.

on the one hand, there was a wonderful speech by a large number of celebrities, and on the other hand, there was a hot exhibition of black technology. On February 21, the 2019 industrial interconnection summit co hosted by the China Institute of information and communications, the industrial interconnection industry alliance and the China Communications Society was held in Beijing. At the conference, Miao Wei, Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, Wu Hequan, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, and other officials attended and discussed industrial interconnection technology, industrial direction and application innovation mode with many industry experts; In the peak exhibition area, the latest technological achievements brought by Internet companies such as 360 and Huawei also added a touch of "interconnection light" to the venue

it is noted that the 360 exhibition area focuses on the latest industrial interconnection achievements such as "automobile safety brain". According to 360 company, "car safety brain" is the application of 360 safety brain in the field of car couplets, which is intended to solve the safety problems of smart couplets

among them, on the on-board system, 360 adds terminal protection software - car guard for cars; At the hardware level, a "vehicle connected firewall" is added to prevent attacks from the network

in addition to the above two technologies, 360 has also jointly developed a special automotive security chip with Ziguang, which can not only ensure security from the hardware level, but also support the real-time update of cloud security policies. This is the first car service security chip that combines domestic "cloud" chips. The chip meets the safety standards of both car specification level and financial level, has the characteristics of low power consumption, high performance and high reliability, supports international and national secret security algorithms, has a financial level physical security protection architecture and security application platform, and its process technology has reached the world's leading level

in addition to the software and hardware, 360 automotive safety brain will cooperate with the above components, hoping to help everyone monitor the car from the perspective of God, build a set of high real-time and low-cost dynamic protection system, and protect the safety of car couplets

it is reported that in recent years, security problems caused by intelligent and connected vehicles have occurred frequently, and many automobile manufacturers have continuously exposed security vulnerabilities. Automotive information security, like PC security and mobile security, has entered the era of brushing vulnerabilities. Criminals extort the vehicle entertainment system and implant remote control Trojans to realize remote control of the vehicle. They can not only control the vehicle body, but also attack the causes such as the difficulty in maintaining the fault of the horizontal moire fringe position measuring and moving machine whose power system constitutes a backward tightening grating, and the poor quality of the compressed air is mainly completed by the operator

it is worth noting that the issue of industrial interconnection security has also been mentioned many times at this conference. Miao Wei, Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, pointed out: "in terms of safety, we should focus on building a safety management system with government supervision, enterprises taking overall responsibility and social supervision, and strengthen the construction of safety monitoring and protective technical means."

Wu Hequan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, also mentioned: "the security of industrial interconnection of enterprises cannot be solved by enterprises alone. It needs to exchange such dangerous information with system integrators, government departments, three-level security centers, national and provincial-level security centers, and use external forces to help enterprises improve the security defense of industrial interconnection."

according to the relevant person in charge of 360, the smart car is a typical application scenario of the combination of industrial manufacturing technology and Internet technology. The "car safety brain" is committed to promoting the improvement of the key technology level of car safety and providing more perfect safety solutions and safety services for vehicle manufacturers and service providers

at present, 360 has accumulated theoretical research and technology related to car coupling safety, including 19 invention patents (under application), 2 software copyrights, 2 international and domestic standards (under research), 2 National topics, 3 academic conference papers, and has repeatedly published car coupling safety related research results at blackhat, Defcon, syscan and other international top safety conferences

in November last year, the "2018 industrial interconnection pilot demonstration project" of the Ministry of industry and information technology was publicized. In addition to numerous manufacturing enterprise projects, 360 company, as an Internet enterprise, was also selected as the "car safety brain" smart car information security operation platform project

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