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The 2019 International Conference on mechanical engineering education was held in Shanghai. The global scientific and technological innovation is unprecedentedly active. The rapidly changing world provides a rare development opportunity for the development of engineering and engineering education, and also puts forward greater challenges. How to cultivate outstanding engineering talents facing the future? What are the latest ideas and reform measures about mechanical engineering education in the educational, industrial and scientific circles

On October, the 2019 International Mechanical Engineering Education Conference, a grand event in engineering education, was held in Shanghai. More than 900 engineering education practitioners, business people and government education managers from more than 10 countries and regions, including the United States, Russia, Britain, France, Germany and Japan, gathered in Shanghai. With the theme of "excellent engineering education for the future", through a series of activities, they gathered the wisdom of the current global leaders in mechanical engineering education, felt the current situation of mechanical engineering education, and discussed the training of mechanical engineering education talents, Draw a blueprint for future engineering education

under the guidance of the China Association for science and technology and the Chinese Academy of engineering, the conference was co sponsored by the Chinese society of mechanical engineering, the American Society of mechanical engineers, the British Society of mechanical engineers, the Education Alliance for outstanding engineers in the Chinese machinery industry, the Steering Committee for mechanical education in Colleges and universities of the Ministry of education, the UNESCO International Engineering Education Center, and undertaken by Shanghai Jiaotong University, It has received extensive support and participation from more than 20 domestic enterprises and universities, such as Shanghai Zhenhua heavy industry (Group) Co., Ltd., Bank of China Shanghai Branch, Shanghai Electric Automation Group, and relevant international organizations from France, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, Denmark, etc

bringing together world leaders to make a grand event of mechanical engineering education in the world

Wu Qing, vice mayor of Shanghai, zhongzhihua, vice president of the Chinese Academy of engineering, Li Peigen, President of the Chinese society of mechanical engineering, Thomas costabile, Secretary General of the American Society of mechanical engineers, etc. were invited to attend and deliver speeches. Wu Yan, director of the Department of higher education of the Ministry of education, made a special report on the conference. Academician linzhongqin, President of Shanghai Jiaotong University 13 Chinese and foreign heavyweight scholars and experts, including academician Mikhail pogosyan, President of the Moscow Institute of Aeronautics, made keynote reports on the theme of the forum

Wu Yan, director of the Department of higher education of the Ministry of education, introduced and shared three aspects of accurately grasping the general trend of higher education development, comprehensively promoting the "four new" construction and leading the reform of higher education with the title of "building the tide bravely and enabling the future - leading the reform of higher education with the construction of new engineering". Wuyan pointed out that at present, China's higher education is changing, and the new engineering should play a leading role in the reform of the whole higher education, and be a pioneer in theory, standards, methods and practice. At present, China's engineering education, including new engineering construction including mechanical engineering education, has embarked on a new journey and constantly made new explorations. In the future, it will certainly make new contributions to building a "Chinese brand" of higher education quality in the new era. Facing the future is the remarkable feature of this meeting. Academician Li Peigen, chairman of the Chinese society of mechanical engineering, believes that "facing the future is a basic characteristic of mankind and the need of social development. Based on this need, mankind should look forward to the future purposefully. Only education can enable mankind to realize this vision." He pointed out that, "With the in-depth development of world diversification, economic globalization, cultural diversity and social informatization, the international community is increasingly becoming a 'community of destiny' in which you have me and I have you. More and more complex modern projects often need interdisciplinary, interdisciplinary and intercultural solutions. It is urgent that future engineering education should go beyond the 'project' itself. We should strive to promote engineering knowledge, engineering technology and engineering talents And promote cooperation and exchanges between all sectors of society and different regions. "

27, there were three parallel sessions of the 2019 special meeting of the Ministry of education's higher education machinery major education steering committee, the 2019 Council meeting of China machinery industry excellent engineer Education Alliance, and the annual meeting of abet (American Engineering and Technology Review Committee), And six sub forums were held, including "mechanical engineering education professional certification", "international cooperation in running schools", "intelligent manufacturing excellent engineering education", "machinery manufacturing course teaching seminar", "school enterprise cooperation" and "new engineering and interdisciplinary education". Each sub venue closely focused on the theme of the conference. Nearly 50 mechanical engineering education experts at home and abroad, as well as people from the industry and business circles, gave wonderful reports on teaching reform, international joint education, engineering education certification, industry university research cooperation and other contents, and conducted open exchanges on new ideas and new directions of excellent engineering education

with an open and diversified attitude, this mechanical engineering education conference has built a communication platform for the educational, industrial and scientific and technological circles at home and abroad. The world's top experts have gathered together to share the reform and development achievements of the world's mechanical engineering education, discuss the impact of the new scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform on Mechanical Engineering Education from a global perspective, jointly respond to global challenges, and discuss new ideas and new models of engineering education. As zhongzhihua, vice president of the Chinese Academy of mechanical engineering compared with inert materials, pointed out, "this is not only a major event in China's mechanical engineering education, but also in the world's mechanical engineering education. It has played a good role in promoting the development of international mechanical engineering education."

integrating Chinese and foreign wisdom and discussing the cultivation of outstanding engineering talents

in today's world, a wave of information revolution consisting of a series of the most potential new technologies, such as big data, IOT, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, virtual reality, biotechnology, social media, blockchain and space exploration, is coming. How to cultivate outstanding engineering talents facing the future has become an important proposition for the international engineering education community. At the 2019 International Mechanical Engineering Education Conference, heavyweight representatives from the global engineering education community and the industry had in-depth exchanges at every step to discuss new engineering education concepts and plan for the future of engineering education

at present, the reform and development of China's higher education has stepped into the deep-water area, and some fields have begun to enter the "no man's land", and there is no ready-made experience to copy. Linzhongqin, President of Shanghai Jiaotong University and academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, believes that, "China's engineering education is facing a series of bottleneck problems that need to be broken through and solved urgently. Some of these problems are unique to China, but more are common problems faced by global engineering education. How to make engineering education develop better and make greater contributions to all mankind in the future is the theme that colleagues in global engineering education need to think and struggle together." Taking the university engineering education supported by the special m212 software of Shanghai Communications and HengZhun as an example, he made a report on "thinking and practice of building an excellent engineering education system", and introduced the core concepts and key measures of the training of excellent engineering courses in Shanghai Jiaotong University, Emphasize that "the goal of excellent engineering education is to lay a solid foundation for students to make outstanding contributions after accumulating ten years in the engineering field, and the key is to cultivate career competence and industry sense of mission that will affect the whole life."

Mikhail pogosyan, President of the Moscow Institute of Aeronautics and academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, pondered over the training of mechanical engineering education talents in the state and Universities under the needs of technological and industrial changes, and believed that in the face of the needs of technological and industrial changes, engineering education should move along with the trend and reform education projects to meet the latest needs of the industry. Li Lin, an academician of the Royal Academy of engineering and a professor of the school of engineering of the University of Manchester, introduced the current situation and development strategy of British mechanical engineering education in the face of the major challenge of intelligent manufacturing, and pointed out that British universities attach importance to the cultivation of students' practical ability and professional quality. The universal application of the "theory practice theory" and "sandwich" education models is a prominent feature of British higher education. Professor Alberto cuitino of Rutgers University in the United States, with the topic of "cultivating the maker generation for the digital economy", ponders the key challenges and accumulated experience in promoting mechanical engineering education for the purpose of cultivating the maker generation from the perspective of manpower, new projects/courses and appropriate infrastructure

in addition, academician jivka ovtcharova of Karlsruhe Institute of technology in Germany, academician gupeihua of Tianjin University, Professor Ivan iordanoff, vice president of the National Institute of engineering and technology in France, and Professor John Allport of the University of Huddersfield in England also made keynote reports on topics such as "artificial intelligence", "new industrial revolution and new engineering education"... Experts and scholars are from a strategic height and have a broad vision, Focus on the hot spots and difficulties in the field of engineering education, discuss the new ideas and models of engineering education, and provide solutions for the future oriented excellent engineering education reform

promote in-depth cooperation and draw a blueprint for the future of engineering education

under the background of globalization, the new economy characterized by new technologies, new business forms and new industries urgently needs to cultivate new innovative talents with cross-border integration ability. As the host of the conference, the Chinese society of mechanical engineering has, in recent years, united with many international organizations to pave the way for our customers to minimize the total production cost and end use cost. Well known engineering organizations have successfully held many international conferences on mechanical engineering education, deepened exchanges and cooperation in the field of mechanical engineering education between China and foreign countries, and promoted the reform, innovation and development of engineering education. In 2016, China became a full member of the Washington Agreement, marking a big step forward in the opening up of China's higher education to the outside world, and China's higher education has stepped onto the international stage

under this situation, the professional certification of engineering education is of great significance to the cultivation of innovative engineering talents. At the annual meeting of abet, Daniela Lacona, director of the international participation and Management Office of American abet, introduced the abet certification system, pointing out that abet is the most authoritative certification system internationally recognized and one of the six initiating engineering organizations of the Washington Agreement. Passing the abet certification means that a university can train engineers with international competitiveness. As the head of the China Association for science and technology pointed out, "carrying out engineering education professional certification is not only an internationally accepted quality assurance system for engineering education, but also a basic mechanism for international mutual recognition of engineering education and engineer qualification." As an important part of the Association for science and technology, the Chinese society of mechanical engineering will continue to play a leading role in the construction of China's professional certification system, standing at the forefront of changes in the times

the excellent engineering education facing the future needs to explore the effective mechanism and way for the society, universities and enterprises to jointly cultivate excellent engineering talents. "It needs the joint efforts of educational practitioners, industry professionals and government education managers from all over the world to give full play to the positive role of National Engineering Associations and realize the multi field and in-depth exchange and cooperation of mechanical engineering education in all countries." Linzhongqin, President of Shanghai Jiaotong University, said. Shanghai Jiaotong University has actively explored this aspect. For example, with the help of the student innovation center, Shanghai Jiaotong University has established a school enterprise handshake zone, issued enterprise demand projects and opened enterprise innovation courses; In addition, the school of mechanical and power engineering of Jiaotong University has also actively explored the cultivation of excellent engineering talents. In view of the shortcomings of the traditional curriculum system, the school has built a mechanical curriculum level by level in theory, experiment and project practice in the teaching system, so as to realize the advanced training of knowledge and ability in depth. In the teaching reform, it is emphasized to combine the depth and breadth of cross knowledge and set up a series of basic courses of heat

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