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2019 hazardous wastes and solid wastes screening and remediation action chemical enterprises become the focus of screening

[China Packaging News] recently, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Henan, Sichuan, Guangdong, Ningxia, Guiyang, Dalian, Heilongjiang, Shaanxi and other dozens of provinces and cities have successively issued screening and remediation notices, specific plans or exposure drafts involving hazardous wastes. Among them, chemical enterprises involving hazardous wastes and waste hazardous chemicals have become the key screening objects in many places

some people in the industry said that it is expected that in the future, the supervision on the storage, transportation and disposal of hazardous wastes will become more and more stringent, or the amount of hazardous wastes that are not subject to standard disposal in chemical plants will be reduced, and the real demand for hazardous waste disposal will appear. At the same time, under strict supervision, the disposal standards will be improved, small factories with irregular hazardous waste disposal operations will be closed, and the industrial concentration will be improved under the survival of the fittest

in 2019, the Ministry of ecology and environment will continue to deploy and carry out the "waste removal action 2019", and achieve the full coverage of 126 cities in the Yangtze River economic belt. It will further urge local Party committees and governments to implement the main body of solid waste supervision, strictly eliminate data after the current is stable, and vigorously crack down on illegal transfer, dumping, disposal of solid waste and other illegal acts, so as to promote the provinces and cities along the river to truly focus on large-scale protection and do not engage in large-scale development

in order to help enterprises better respond to the requirements of the new situation of environmental protection and improve the standardized construction and operation level of hazardous waste disposal facilities, we share the relevant precautions on hazardous waste inspection

contents of on-site inspection and key points of specification

I Hazardous waste storage facilities

inspection contents:

1 Whether the "wind proof, rain proof, sun proof, anti-seepage, anti-corrosion" and other measures of the warehouse are perfect; Whether leakage proof collection device is built

2. Whether the hazardous waste warehouse is provided with Cofferdams to prevent the liquid in the warehouse from flowing out of the warehouse and prevent rainwater from pouring back into the warehouse

3. Whether the warehouse is equipped with gas outlet, gas purification device, safety lighting facilities, observation window, etc

picture example:

key points of specification:

1 Hazardous waste storage facilities shall be built outside the warehouse of inflammable, explosive and other dangerous goods and the protection area of high-voltage transmission lines

2. The ground of the place where customized technical solutions are provided for various pipeline projects shall be hardened and coated with at least 2mm high-density epoxy resin to prevent leakage and corrosion

3. There must be leakage liquid collection device (collection ditch and collection well to collect leachate and prevent overflow and loss), gas outlet and gas purification device. There shall be safety lighting facilities and observation windows in the facilities

4. The place used to store containers of liquid and semi-solid hazardous wastes must have a corrosion-resistant hardened ground without cracks on the surface

5. The skirt for intercepting leakage shall be designed, and the volume enclosed between the ground and the skirt shall not be less than the maximum storage of the largest container or one fifth of the total storage

6. Incompatible hazardous wastes must be stored separately and separated

II Hazardous waste storage containers

inspection contents:

1 Whether the containers containing hazardous wastes are in good condition

2. Whether all containers and packages containing hazardous wastes are pasted with hazardous waste labels

picture example:

key points of specification:

1 Containers containing hazardous wastes must be in good condition

2. Materials and linings of containers containing hazardous wastes shall be compatible with hazardous wastes (non reactive)

3. Sufficient space shall be reserved in the container containing liquid and semi-solid hazardous wastes, and more than 100mm space shall be reserved between the top of the container and the liquid surface

4. The container containing hazardous waste must be attached with a label in accordance with Appendix A of the pollution control standard for hazardous waste storage

III Hazardous waste stacking

inspection contents:

1 more factories will be established in the future Whether the hazardous wastes are collected and stored according to their characteristics

2. Whether the stacking height and wall distance meet the specifications

picture example:

key points of specification:

1 The foundation must be impervious. The impervious layer is at least 1m thick clay layer (permeability coefficient ≤ cm/s), or 2mm thick high-density polyethylene, or other artificial materials at least 2mm thick, with permeability coefficient ≤ cm/s

2. The enterprise must collect and store hazardous wastes according to their characteristics. Incompatible hazardous wastes cannot be stacked together

3. The lining is placed on a foundation or base; The lining shall be able to cover the range that the hazardous waste or its dissolved substances may involve; The lining material is compatible with the stacking of hazardous wastes; Design and construct the leachate collection and removal system on the lining

4. The stack of hazardous wastes shall be protected from wind, rain and sun

5. Similar hazardous wastes contained in containers can be stacked for storage; A handling channel shall be reserved between each stack

IV Storage management

inspection contents:

1 Whether there is a hazardous waste account, and check whether the type, quantity and disposal method of the enterprise's hazardous waste are consistent with the EIA in combination with the hazardous waste account

2. Joint sheet for transfer of substances with low profit of main types of hazardous waste paper (whether the hazardous waste transfer plan has been approved, whether the enterprise truthfully fills in the column of generating unit in the joint sheet and seals it)

3 Whether the hazardous waste pollution prevention and control system has been established and improved, whether the person in charge is clear and clear, and whether the person in charge is familiar with the relevant laws, regulations, standards and specifications of hazardous waste management

4. Whether hazardous wastes are transferred in time

5. Locking of hazardous waste warehouse

key points of specification:

1 Both the generator of hazardous waste and the operator of hazardous waste storage facilities shall keep records of hazardous waste, indicating the name, source, quantity, characteristics of hazardous waste and the type of packaging container, warehousing date, storage location, outbound date of waste and the name of the receiving unit. Records and lists of hazardous wastes shall be kept for three years after the hazardous wastes are retrieved

2. The hazardous waste storage room shall be managed according to the system of "two persons and two locks". (two keys shall be managed by two persons in charge of hazardous waste respectively, and shall not be managed by one person)

3 Hazardous wastes shall not be stored for more than one year and shall be reported to the environmental protection department for approval

v Safety protection of storage facilities

inspection contents:

1 Whether hazardous waste warning signs and labels are set at the hazardous waste storage site, and whether the signs are correct, clear and intact

2. Whether the hazardous waste storage site is equipped with emergency protection facilities, fire-fighting facilities, etc

key points of specification:

1 Hazardous waste warning signs and labels shall be set at the facilities and places where hazardous waste is stored and posted on the door or both sides of the hazardous waste warehouse

2. Fences or other protective fences shall be set around hazardous waste storage facilities

3. Hazardous waste storage facilities shall be equipped with communication equipment, lighting facilities, safety protective clothing and tools, and emergency protective facilities

common hidden dangers:

1 The hazardous waste warehouse is not standardized

2. Identification of hazardous wastes is not standardized

3. The hazardous waste is not transferred in time

4. The self built hazardous waste treatment devices and facilities are not in operation

5. Some enterprises do not have clear and detailed hazardous waste accounts

6. Failure to effectively classify hazardous wastes

7. Failing to complete the declaration of information related to the dynamic management of hazardous wastes on time and implement the joint receipt system

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