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Shanghai Free Trade Zone restricts the printing of investment publications

in order to promote the transformation of government functions, Shanghai pilot free trade zone will explore a new economic management mode of negative list. At the China (Shanghai) pilot Free Trade Zone briefing, Dai Haibo, executive deputy director of the Management Committee of the free trade zone, gave a brief description of the negative list management. Causes and troubleshooting of such failures: (1) the installation of hardness tester is not level. Dai Haibo said that there are 190 management measures in the negative list. For general foreign investment projects not included in the negative list, the business license, organization code and tax registration can be obtained as soon as 4 days

the so-called negative list is equivalent to the blacklist of investment fields, listing the fields and industries that enterprises cannot invest in. Kong Linglong, director of the Department of utilization of foreign capital and overseas investment of the national development and Reform Commission, said that for areas outside the negative list, foreign investment projects will be changed from the approval system to the filing system according to the principle of consistency of domestic and foreign investment in September 2017

there is no doubt that the negative list management mode will greatly release the vitality of enterprise investment. However, the challenges it brings are also enormous. In many service industries such as finance and shipping, there is a considerable gap between China's development and the international advanced level. Some people worry that the implementation of such a system will hit industries with weak domestic competitiveness

because of this, the content of the negative list has attracted much attention. Dai Haibo said that with the support of the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce, the negative list was divided into 18 categories and 1069 sub categories according to the national economy. Among them, there are management measures for about 190 sub categories, which reduces the competitive opportunities of large material companies, accounting for about 17.8% of the whole industrial sub category. In other words, more than 80% of foreign investment projects will be changed from the approval system to the filing system

Dai Haibo said frankly that this is the first time that China has formulated a negative list. He is inexperienced and a primary school student. This time, the negative list of 2013 version is released. In the future, the negative list of 2014 version and 2015 version may be released according to the actual operation, and constantly improved

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