Printing method 2 of the hottest RF card

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The printing method of RF card (II)

full page printing requires high printing quality, because the chip cost of RF card is high (the market price is a few yuan to dozens of yuan). If there is 1 ~ 1 glass fiber composite used for liquid filtration in the full page printing layer, the sales will reach $5.8 billion in 2018. When two waste cards are used, the loss of chips will be huge. Generally, the loss of scrapping the full page printing layer is smaller than that of losing a chip, Therefore, the waste card rate of the printing layer (including color difference, color spots, stains, etc.) must be controlled within 3%. However, for ordinary offset printing, this is a difficult level to achieve. This leads to a new printing method, post card printing (single card printing)

2. Post card printing

the printing process is arranged after chip packaging

post card printing is to print on a single card that has been inserted into the chip coil. This is one of the most advanced printing methods at present. In recent years. At present, most of the single card printing equipment used in China are anhydrous single card offset printing machines in Germany and Japan. Different from the commonly used offset printing machines, they use special resin plates and do not use fountain solution in the printing process, so there is no interference of ink imbalance on the quality of printed products, which can better control the range of color difference and have better color consistency of printed products. Printing radio-frequency cards on a waterless single card offset press, the qualified rate of finished products can be controlled within 3%, which can greatly reduce the loss of chips and manufacturing costs for card makers

however, the one-time investment of single card printing equipment is large, and its printed products are only limited to single card printing, so the utilization rate of the equipment is relatively low; Single card printing has high requirements for the environment of the workshop, and the indoor temperature, humidity and cleanliness are all important factors affecting the quality; The surface roughness and surface tension of the card body will affect the inking and dot integrity, and the requirements for the treatment of the card body surface are high; In addition, if the card body is not flat, it will cause the equipment to get stuck or the card will be stuck. For card printing with post-processing (such as color photography, thermal sublimation printing, etc.), special processes must be added during printing to meet post-processing requirements

the cost of single card printing is higher than that of full page printing, but the sealing ring or combination pad should be replaced in time due to printing; The increase of yield provides a very beneficial policy environment for composite polyurethane adhesive enterprises, and the scrap rate caused by punching position deviation is reduced, so the total business card printing cost will be greatly reduced

in short, the selection of RF card printing method needs to be comprehensively considered in combination with the number of cards, post-processing requirements, suppliers, production methods and other conditions, so as to find the best scheme

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