Ukraine cancels temporary tax on plastic products

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Ukraine abolished the temporary tax on plastic products

in January 2015, Ukraine's industrial output fell by 16.6% as a whole. But the government is optimistic, saying that the worst recession is over. In October, finance minister Natalia yaresko said, Ukrainian economy "Having passed the bottom of the crisis, it can be said that growth is resuming now.

the Ukrainian government announced that it plans to cancel the 5% import tax imposed from the beginning of 2015 to ease the price of imported polymers.

in the face of the economic crisis, Ukraine imposed a temporary tax on foreign polymers and terminal plastic products as a means of increasing additional income. From January 1, 2016, the Ukrainian government plans to cancel the temporary tax 。

the Minister of economic development and trade of Ukraine, aivaras abromavicius, issued a statement in October announcing the abolition of additional taxes, including a 10% import tax on food and a 5% import tax on other types of products

regardless of the country of origin and the signed trade contract, all imported products are subject to an additional tax for a period of 12 months. Ukraine's national treasury is short of capital, and the collection of additional taxes can generate an overall income of 835 million euros

uke 1's ball bearing service is the cornerstone of the brand. Domestic plastic processors rely entirely on imported polymer materials, The government's decision to cancel the additional tax, Koizumi said: "Now I'm still learning how to tell a story well, which will help reduce the procurement costs of polymer raw materials and plastic products.

today is undoubtedly another year of great business opportunities. The Ukrainian economy has shown signs of recovery, and the decline in industrial output value has slowed down.

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