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Affected by the industrial chain, printing machinery enterprises 5 The last is to find a breakthrough in the measurement and control system (that is, software and hardware) of the tension machine

according to the "statistical information on printing production and import and export in the first half of 2008" recently released by the China printing and equipment industry association, the sales situation of printing machinery in the first half of 2008 was tightening, and the number of loss making printing machine enterprises increased, with the loss 4.5 times that of the same period last year. The reason is that the appreciation of RMB, the rise of labor costs and raw material prices are all factors that lead to difficulties in the printing machine industry. However, unexpectedly, the impact of the rise in the price of paper on the printing machine industry in the first half of this year is greater than that of steel

"when the prices of steel and paper rise at the same time, I thought the impact of steel would be particularly large, but for the printing machinery industry, the biggest impact is the price rise of paper." Liu Ying, marketing specialist of the Ministry of Commerce of Shanghai Ziming Machinery Co., Ltd., told China publishing news. As a result of the price hike of steel, the price of printing machine is generally rising, just as printing machine enterprises are forced to accept the price hike of upstream steel and downstream printing enterprises are forced to accept the price hike of printing machine. However, due to the large rise in the price of paper at the beginning of the year, there was a paper shortage, and many printing enterprises even used millions of yuan to store a large amount of paper, resulting in limited working capital of enterprises, which greatly reduced the speed of equipment renewal of printing enterprises. Liu Ying said, "if the machine can still be used after repair, the printing factory will not buy new equipment."

in the printing industry chain, the purchase of paper takes up the funds of printing enterprises and reduces the demand for machinery, further affecting the upstream suppliers of printing machine enterprises. It is reported that due to the collapse of the downstream printing enterprises, which is the core of its operation, the customer base of the printing machine industry has decreased, and now some small machinery plants in the upstream of the printing machine industry are slowly starting to close down. The development of printing machine enterprises is also in trouble, and the goal has changed from maximum profit to minimum loss. "Several printing machine companies, including Shanghai Electric, believe that the most important thing this year is to tighten the introduction of special engineering plastics, expand sources of income and reduce expenditure, and survive the severe winter - whoever can survive and not go bankrupt at this time is a victory." "Now it's not who earns more, but who earns less." Some people in the printing machine industry said helplessly

facing the interconnected economic industry chain, enterprises only pay attention to themselves and cannot adapt to the modern economic environment. Some insiders pointed out that suppliers from suppliers to customers are a complete value chain, so every point may be a new profit growth point for enterprises. This puts forward higher requirements for the market research of enterprises. But now there are still problems in the printing machine company that the sales department and the technology development department are separated from each other, and the salesperson's thinking is relatively backward. It is still only the machinery manufacturer who sells products, and does not timely feed back the new situation and needs of the market

in addition, in addition to being restricted by the economic industrial chain, the printing machine industry also has a law of economic development. Industry insiders said: "the printing machine industry has a high and low cycle evolution every three to five years, and now it is at a low ebb, which is in line with the law of economic development. It has also brought confidence to extruder enterprises as soon as possible, and it will be better in the second half of 2009." In this low period, the printing machine industry will also face market optimization and reshuffle. Therefore, printing machine enterprises should adapt to the economic situation under the industrial chain, make the management setting more reasonable and scientific, work hard on Market Research and new product development, and prepare for the next peak of the printing machine industry

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