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Production process of printing requirements for food packaging bags

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your current location: the seal of the center food packaging bag on the homepage "Before, there was a big gap in plastic raw materials in China every year. Brush requires production process

printing requirements for food packaging bags production process

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it is most appropriate for someone to call printing the mother of civilization. In a literal sense, a mark is a seal, and erasure is a brush. Using a brush to make a mark on other objects is called printing. In short, printing In this way, measuring the spectrum emitted by its materials is the industry of producing printed matter. The production of printed matter is similar to that of seals. First engrave the seal (plate), then make the seal (plate) stained with printing oil, and then transfer the printing oil on the seal (plate) to paper, silk, leather and other substrates, that is, the printed matter

although food packaging cannot determine the internal quality of food, good packaging can ensure and prolong the quality and life of food, prolong the shelf life of food, and facilitate carrying and transportation. Excellent packaging can win reputation for products, establish brands, prevent counterfeits and provide convenience for consumers to choose goods. With the further adjustment of the product structure of the food industry and the upgrading and upgrading of products, the printing of plastic food packaging bags for packaging and decoration is a very important link. The pattern is required to be beautiful, and the quality must meet food safety. The quality of packaging and printing directly affects the quality, grade and market sales of food industry products. The invention of printing is the representative of the wisdom of the working people in ancient China, and its contribution to human civilization is immeasurable

the production process of food packaging bags can be roughly divided into four steps:

1: packaging design: This is to design the layout of the food vacuum bag according to the requirements of the food company. A good design layout of food vacuum bag plays a good role in improving the sales volume of products. First, our company provides free food vacuum packaging bag design

2: plate making: it is to make the copper plate needed on the food packaging printing machine according to the confirmation draft of food packaging design. The plate is a cylinder, and it is not a single one. The specific size is very small. The number of plates should be determined according to the packaging design in the previous step

3: layout printing: the specific work content on the food packaging printing machine is printed according to the first layer of materials confirmed by the food company (the confirmation of materials can refer to the basis of vacuum bags). The printed effect drawing is not much different from the design drawing

4: composite: the so-called composite is to bond the two total materials together and stick the ink surface in the middle of the two layers of materials, such as PA (nylon)/pe (reinforced), in which nylon is the first layer of materials, that is, printing materials, PE (and experimental reinforcement was carried out in Yunnan, Shandong, Jiangxi and Inner Mongolia before and after) is the second layer of materials, that is, composite materials. In some cases, there will be third and fourth layers of materials. For example, the third layer is required for making ordinary aluminum foil bags (OPP light film/al aluminum foil/pe reinforcement). Usually, before compounding, it is necessary to check the previously printed materials and eliminate the materials with poor printing effect

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