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The printing quality detection device of the printing machine

patent name: under this temperature, the printing elastic of the printing machine will be most beneficial to the molding of plastic parts. The molding efficiency of plastic parts is the highest, and the internal stress and warpage deformation are the smallest. What is the maintenance method of the spring fatigue testing machine and the value of the equipment? Brush quality detection device

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applicant: Komori company of Japan

printing machine includes: a transmission device that transmits printed paper to the transmission device, a surface side and back side UV device for drying UV curing ink transmitted by the transmission device and printed on the paper, and a printing quality detection device for detecting the printing surface of the paper transmitted by the transmission device. The face side and back side detection cameras of the print quality detection device are set at a position that is not affected by heat and/or light from the face side and back side UV devices. The printing quality detection device can reliably prevent improper operation and wrong detection due to the negative impact of the heat and/or light of UV device on the development of high-quality plastic products

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