Printing press 20 in the hottest Digital Era

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Printing press in the digital age (II)

unprecedented efficiency

SM 74 Di minimizes the plate making time. The electronic documents processed by RIP before printing are directly transmitted to Di's hard disk through the network, and the live parts to be printed are selected on CP2000 for imaging printing at any time

on machine plate making:

sm 74 Di can be configured with up to six color decks. Before imaging, a 12.7% rise (Q3 2013: 1.221 billion euros) in non flushing thermal plates were assembled for each color with automatic devices. Then select the live parts to be printed, press the imaging key, Di will expose and image the printing plate with four to six groups of laser devices at the same time, and the exposure and imaging of the printing plate can be completed in 3.5 minutes

printing preparation:

the accurate positioning of automatic plate loading and the synchronous imaging of the printing plate ensure the most accurate first-time registration, so that the first printing sheet has been very accurate registration. SM 74 Di has automatic inking function. Delta rip in the front end can use electronic files to generate CIP 3 data PPF files of the print. The PPF files are processed by Heidelberg prepress interface program CPC 32 and converted into ink volume data in the ink area, and then directly transmitted to CP2000 console through the network. The ink volume in each ink area of each color group is automatically preset before formal printing, and the standard ink color can be obtained within 20-50 sheets of formal printing. According to the use experience of SM 74 Di customers, for ordinary four-color printing, the registration and ink color of the first printing sheet have a very ideal on-off effect, and then make minor adjustments through CP2000 to achieve a very standard printing sheet

formal production:

let's take a look at an actual production example of SM 74 di. An advertising company asked to print 1000 single-sided four-color posters and provide mo. It only takes 26 minutes to complete the printing from the plate loading to 1000 copies. The birth of SABIC "composite digital production system" makes it possible to produce thermoplastic composites in a large scale. It is easy to complete the delivery from Mo to delivery

print: 1000 copies, 4 open format

4+0, 157G coated paper

175 line printing, with Mo

printing process: 7 minutes for paper change and debugging

7 minutes for plate change and plate making

7 minutes for printing preparation

5 minutes for official printing

fully automatic printing machine

Heidelberg SM 74 Di is a fully automated printing machine, many of its features are designed on this premise, and with these characteristics, Only then can Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 74 Di become a high-performance and economical printing machine, and at the same time, it can achieve the top quality with simple printing operation

cp2000 computer control center:

cp2000 control center enables us to complete all operations of the printer on one console and monitor all functions and actions of the printer at the same time. Through the preset function, the corresponding settings of the print can be executed at any time. The computer will monitor the printing machine to produce in strict accordance with the set standards, and it can be adjusted manually at any time. Many operations can be controlled by preset programs. CP2000 remotely controls the registration in the circumferential, transverse and diagonal directions, and also controls the start of the ink bucket roller. CP2000 can store data of 250 prints internally, which is convenient for reprinting. When printing is in progress, you can start to input the setting of the next print, which greatly shortens the preparation time of printing


Heidelberg suction belt Feida, computer control automatically adapts to the paper size and thickness. The standard configuration is electronic gauge control and double sheet detector, which automatically compensates the air volume of paper suction and air blowing. The adjustment time for changing the paper stack is reduced while ensuring stable paper feeding

automatic version loading:

without any tools, the version change time of each color deck is shortened to less than one minute, which greatly improves the registration quality

alcolor continuous fountain system:

18 day CNC continuous fountain system with five fountain rollers, with speed compensation function. The intermediate roller with blower can promote the evaporation of excess fountain solution. Ensure stable quality of printed matter with obvious contrast

automatic cleaning device:

the automatic cleaning device equipped with ink supply unit, blanket cylinder and embossing cylinder is controlled by CP2000 to minimize the preparation time and non production time

flexible configuration:

sm 74 Di can provide a variety of configurations. According to the different production needs of users, 17 different combination configurations can be provided for selection, including 4-6 color printing unit, automatic paper turnover device, high platform paper receiving, infrared drying, extended paper receiving, online glazing, etc

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