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[going to the grass-roots level in the Spring Festival] unmanned aerial vehicles capture the highway to highlight illegal acts. Wuxi traffic police go all out to ensure the Spring Festival transportation

on January 19, the second brigade of Wuxi traffic police Expressway received an instruction from the command center, saying: "a Taizhou car connects to the expressway through Wuxi tonight, and the personnel in the car are suspected of drug trafficking." The second high-speed brigade immediately launched the emergency plan. Because it did not know the specific vehicle number plate of the suspect, the brigade carried out a drunk driving and drunken temporary inspection at the Wuxi interchange checkpoint, focusing on the vehicles with Taizhou license plates. At about 20:20, the upper bearing plate was connected with the upper beam through the screw nut pair, and the police were checking a su mh9 ××× During the inspection of the small ordinary bus, two passengers were found to look flustered and there were signs of taking the opportunity to escape, so the police immediately stopped the two people and confirmed the identity of Yang and Xu drug-related suspects through information comparison. At the same time, about 5 grams of heroin were seized on Yang. At present, the two suspects suspected of drug trafficking have been transferred to the South Railway Station police station for further investigation and treatment

the 2019 Spring Festival transportation has begun and will end on March 1. During the Spring Festival travel, the flow of students, migrant workers returning home and family visits are superimposed. The flow of personnel is large and lasts for a long time. It is the most concentrated period of passenger flow in a year, and it is also a period of frequent accidents

in the early stage, the Wuxi public security traffic police detachment, together with the transportation, safety supervision, tourism and other departments, quickly carried out a major safety inspection on the city's "two passengers and one danger" and other key transportation enterprises. It is hoped that the transportation enterprises with traffic violations, prominent accidents, lax safety management and serious potential safety hazards found in the inspection can bring you help. The transportation enterprises, in conjunction with the transportation department, will interview the person in charge of the enterprise and issue a notice of hidden danger rectification. The safety technical status, road transportation qualification, regular inspection and other conditions of key vehicles such as highway passenger transport, tourism passenger transport, "business to non-commercial" buses, dangerous chemical transport vehicles, school buses and heavy trucks in the city were comprehensively investigated. All operating drivers who have not been inspected or scrapped within the time limit, and who do not meet the safety technical requirements and have a record of 12 points, shall report to the transportation department and urge them to rectify within a time limit. Unqualified vehicles and drivers are strictly prohibited from participating in the Spring Festival transportation

on the first day of the Spring Festival transportation, all traffic police brigades went deep into key sections such as highways, national and provincial trunk roads, rural roads, etc., and quickly started the Spring Festival transportation safety inspection service station to strengthen the management of the traffic order of the Spring Festival transportation, focusing on outbound, urban, expressway and foreign personnel gathering places. At the same time, with the theme of "safe spring festival transportation, traffic police colleagues", various spring festival transportation launching ceremonies and traffic safety publicity activities were carried out

during the Spring Festival transportation, the traffic police department will put the police force on the road to the greatest extent, continue to carry out centralized rectification actions, strictly inspect the "two passengers and one dangerous goods", minivans, "business to non" buses, and severely investigate and deal with the "three excesses and one fatigue", buses from 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. should pay attention to illegal operations, illegal loading, illegal occupation of emergency lanes and illegal transportation of dangerous chemicals when often painting antirust oil. Highlight the law enforcement and control of highways and rural areas, take UAV snapshots and other methods, investigate and deal with prominent violations affecting the traffic order, such as illegal occupation of emergency lanes, random lane changes, illegal parking, and so on, and spare no effort to maintain the safety and smoothness of road traffic

in view of the upcoming large flow, all traffic police brigades will further strengthen road patrol and fixed post duty. Highways will focus on entrances and exits, interchanges, viaducts and important nodes with large traffic flow and easy congestion, and take measures to strengthen management, such as speed control, vehicle type restriction, intermittent release, etc. At the same time, set up "the electrical equipment on the Spring Festival love post experimental machine should be installed and tested by the manufacturer on the experimental machine" in some service areas and toll station areas, and set up a traffic accident quick compensation service point at the exit of the main highway to provide convenient services for passing drivers and passengers. In the main urban area, the traffic police department will focus on ensuring smooth traffic and safety during the festival. According to the road conditions, it will take a series of effective measures such as temporary traffic control, adding temporary parking spaces, multi-directional emergency diversion, etc. to ensure the traffic security in the central business district, the central station area, commercial points and other key areas. In rural areas, we will comprehensively launch persuasion services, organize law enforcement teams and rural persuasion teams, investigate, dissuade and correct traffic violations in a timely manner, maintain the momentum of strict investigation and crackdown on "little flying dragons", and maintain the safety and smoothness of road traffic during the festival

during the Spring Festival transportation, the traffic police will go all out to ensure the safety and smoothness of the road. At the same time, they call on the majority of traffic participants to enhance their awareness of traffic safety when driving out during the festival, and put an end to all kinds of traffic violations. When encountering road congestion, it is strictly prohibited to compete for roads and rush to travel. After arriving at the destination, the vehicle should be parked in the parking space, and it is not allowed to park randomly. The traffic police department will timely release the traffic conditions, traffic accidents, weather changes, winter travel safety "tips" and other information of highways, urban roads and scenic spots through the urban traffic guidance screen and the traffic police "double micro" platform, so as to guide drivers to reasonably choose the travel time, mode and route. (Zheng Qian)

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