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Analysis of ink control system in newspaper printing

newspaper printing has developed very rapidly in recent years. With the application of digital workflow and CTP technology, prepress digitization has been gradually realized, which has led to another technological revolution in the printing field. On the other hand, the amount of newspaper information is expanding, the color layout is increasing, the information transmission time is shortening, and the release of smoke and poison gas is curbed. In order to improve the market competitiveness of newspapers, some new technologies and products have attracted the attention of the newspaper printing industry in pursuit of timeliness. Among them, the printing color control technology - printing ink control technology, which can be used to improve the effectiveness and stability of newspaper printing, is a successful application

· the main problems existing in the current newspaper printing

when printing newspapers, the operators of the printing machine often cannot see the original, and can only adjust the ink volume of the printing machine based on the experience of receiving the machine, which often leads to inaccurate printing ink color; On the other hand, due to the differences in personnel quality, hardware differences between printing machines and other factors, the cost of printing machine adjustment increases and the printing quality is unstable. Enterprises that adopt digital proofing will be better off. Experienced collar machines can analyze the color characteristics of the layout according to the proofing sheet and adjust the ink keys of the printing machine in advance, but they still can't significantly improve the printing production efficiency. Moreover, the adjustment of ink keys is time-consuming and laborious, and it usually requires several times of debugging to meet the requirements. The speed of rotary printing brush machine is quite high, and a large number of waste newspapers will be generated in the process of ink color adjustment, which will waste precious time. Some printing houses also used the method of printing plate scanning in the early stage to transmit the color separation information generated by the hardware scanning of the printing plate to the printer console to complete the preset work of ink keys. However, this method is complex, time-consuming and expensive, so it is not suitable for efficient production enterprises such as newspaper printing

the ink control technology launched by gaoshu is an effective solution to the problems faced by the newspaper industry, such as how to shorten the printing cycle, improve the printing quality, and reduce production waste

· introduction to ink control technology

the main body of ink control technology is a CIP3 ink control software that can preset the ink keys of the printing machine. It directly reads the graphic data after rip, analyzes the machine control information according to the size of the printing plate and the number of ink keys, records it in the PPF file or prints it on the paper, and then uses it for the ink key presetting of the printing machine, which ensures higher accuracy, The rationality and accuracy of ink area allocation of printing machine are greatly improved. Adopting this efficient information transmission mode can standardize the operation of staff, save printing preparation time, reduce the waste of consumables and improve the printing quality of newspapers. It has changed the traditional way of ink pre adjustment of newspaper color by the printing machine according to work experience. Ink control technology provides a guarantee for enterprises to adopt digital production and management processes. Whether the printing machine has CIP3 information interface or not, you can enjoy the results of ink control technology

· implementation and application process of ink control technology

first, the software receives 1-bit TIFF files after digital mosaic. According to whether the printer has cip3/cip4 information interface, it has the following two functions

and the chemical container (1) print the ink amount information, and print the ink amount information through the Windows printer. Because the direct use of CIP3 ink volume data requires a corresponding environment, especially the printing equipment needs to be configured with cip3/cip4 information interface. For printers without this interface, it was impossible to enjoy the benefits of the first step of Yongxing special steel's strategic deployment in the new energy field to CIP3 digitization. With ink control technology, the collar machine can adjust the ink key according to the printed standard information, which is faster than manual analysis or plate scanner to obtain information, so as to shorten the pre press adjustment time, so that no note: the printing machine, which is basically the cip3/cip4 information interface of the speed regulation system at a price of about 10000 yuan, can also enjoy the time-saving and efficient digital advantages

(2) generate PPF files for printers with cip3/cip4 ink information interface, the system can convert the layout color information after rip into standard PPF data, and transmit the data to the corresponding printer control system to realize digital automatic adjustment of ink volume

· successful cases

some newspaper printing houses, such as Hangzhou newspaper group and Changsha Evening News Group, have achieved remarkable results after adopting the ink control technology launched by gaoshu

(1) the production efficiency is significantly improved, and the printing preparation time is shortened by 5 ~ 8 minutes. Due to the accurate ink area analysis data input in advance, the color of the first newspaper printed after startup can basically meet the requirements, and then it can be officially printed at high speed with a little adjustment

(2) improve printing quality, especially color newspaper printing. Because the control data of each machine is unified and the color is stable, the printing quality will no longer fluctuate, and at the same time, the amount of paper will be reduced

(3) a set of digital and standardized printing production process has been established for the newspaper printing plant, so that the technical training of new employees can be based on, and the printing control has changed from empirical type to digital control type, and the connection to the comprehensive printing digital process has taken a further step

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