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The Taiyuan roadshow of Shandong Lingong efficient and energy-saving series products was successfully held

the Taiyuan roadshow of Shandong Lingong efficient and energy-saving series products was successfully held

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Guide: in April, the north is still cold in spring, but the Shandong Lingong roadshow activity entered Taiyuan, the capital of Sanjin, with great enthusiasm, to participate in the grand event and share happiness with Taiyuan citizens and customers 50kN. The road show of Taiyuan railway station was held in the square in front of the Coal Museum with a large flow of people in Taiyuan, adjacent to Tai

in April, the north is still chilly in spring, while Shandong temporary road show activities have entered Taiyuan, the capital of Shanxi Province, with enthusiasm, to participate in the grand event and share happiness with Taiyuan citizens and customer friends

the road show of Taiyuan railway station was held in the square in front of the Coal Museum with a large flow of people in Taiyuan, adjacent to Yingze street, the main road of Taiyuan, as the second stop of the temporary road show. On the basis of inheriting the experience of Tangshan railway station road show, the whole activity area was carefully organized and planned, and the whole activity area was divided into five parts: interactive performance area, entertainment area, product demonstration area, cultural rest area and product exhibition area. The activity is divided into two parts: public open day activities and customer open day activities, of which the morning of April 25 is customer open day, and the afternoon of April 25 and the whole day of April 26 are public open days

on the morning of April 25, there was a light rain in the sky, but it did not affect the enthusiasm of customers to participate in the event. More than 1000 invited customers from Taiyuan, Datong, Xinzhou and Xiaoyi came in a continuous stream, and customers held up temporary umbrellas one after another, forming a beautiful scenery. At 11:00, the rain gradually stopped, and the customers gathered. The activity was kicked off in the dance of "Shengshi drum dance", which jumped out of the enthusiasm of Taiyuan customers for temporary work. "Red days" and "walking wider" sang the ardent expectations of customers' friends for a better life and career development in the future. In addition, the activity also arranged passionate martial arts performances and melodious musical instrument performances

after watching the performance, there is a thrilling excavator performance. The excavator in the product demonstration area has started the motor, and the young man on the job has practiced his unique skills in his spare time: the excavator drives beer, pours beer, picks up coins on eggs, and the excavator writes calligraphy. However, due to the weather, we can only open and pour beer for customers today. The huge equipment, fine movements and precise operations have made the audience and customers applaud repeatedly

time is pressing. After experiencing the activities on the road show, customers take another development direction is to create a hybrid color changing system car that can combine smart materials, sensor chips and LEDs to Casa International Business Hotel, where there is a long-awaited "shopping lottery" activity. After lunch, customers arrived at the fourth floor and took their seats. The scene was full of lights, songs, friends and friends. At 14 o'clock, the activity officially began. After the host announced the lottery rules and conditions, customers who met the lottery conditions could not wait to line up, hoping that they could go on stage early to break the golden eggs they had long loved and win the expected awards. After a joyful and passionate encouragement, the first group of customers first stepped onto the stage through the "t" stage, and the "Avenue of stars" under their feet shone, allowing customers to truly experience the feeling of being valued and respected. The 10 customers in each group selected golden eggs according to the order determined under the stage. After all of them stood, the host interacted with the on-site audience. In the countdown of "5, 4, 3, 2, 1, smash" of the host and the on-site audience, the customer waved a hammer and smashed the golden eggs. The golden eggs were broken, colorful flowers danced, and banners fell, and the awards came into being. After winning the corresponding awards, customers went to the award area to wait for the awards, and their excitement, pride and joy rose. A customer who won the first prize said excitedly, "when I bought the temporary loader, I experienced the feeling of 'very 6+1' smashing golden eggs, and also won the LCD TV award. I sincerely thank Shandong temporary, and I will continue to drive surrounding customers to buy and use temporary products."

the lottery continued, and the entertaining songs and dances were also interspersed, and the activities were carried out in an orderly manner. When the song and dance stopped, it was the time of the birth of the prize. The customers who won the prize were smiling, and the customers who did not participate in it were also interested. They wanted to try their luck on the stage. The gifts originally prepared for 10 groups were in a hurry in advance. The lucky draw organization team reported that "the number of customers participating in the lucky draw is increasing, and it is estimated that it may reach 19 groups". The golden eggs prepared for the lucky draw were also used up after 12 groups, while the waiting area for the lucky draw was still crowded, The host had no choice but to announce that he would continue the lottery by drawing red envelopes as an alternative

after all 19 groups of customers have completed the lottery, the grand prize will be born soon. The host's passionate incitement and self ridicule humor make customers enthusiastic and expect the grand prize to go to their own homes. In order to show fairness and justice, under the scheduling of the host, nine spectators were randomly selected from the audience, all divided into three groups, and then three lucky messengers were selected through the method of stone, scissors and cloth to draw the mystery award. Finally, the three mystery awards were won by three customer friends of Jin jiyasheng, Xiaoyi Xiangyun and shannorthwest star respectively. The customers who won the award were very excited and hugged the lucky messenger warmly. One of their friends said excitedly, "thank Shandong Lingong. Since I got married with Lingong last year, I have bought 7 Lingong machines and intend to buy 10 Lingong loaders"! The activity ended in the program "peach blossom red apricot white", and the sweet song sang the trust and thanks of Shanxi customers and friends to the temporary work

as part of the "roadshow" introduced by Liu Shixuan, a staff member of the marketing department of the Provincial Administration for Industry and commerce, the raffle came to a successful conclusion. The next day was the public open day, and the temporary work also prepared a rich visual feast for the majority of citizens' friends. Citizens passing by may enjoy song and dance performances and participate in interactive games; Or stop to watch temporary equipment and comment on machine performance; Or linger in the cultural corridor, appreciate the style of temporary work, etc

"create wealth efficiently, save energy and benefit the society" as the theme of the temporary roadshow, which meets the requirements of the situation of energy conservation, environmental protection and the development of efficient economy. The development of efficient and energy-saving economy has become the focus of the government in adjusting the economic structure. Energy conservation and emission reduction is also the unswerving development goal of the country. The development of efficient and energy-saving products is an obligatory Society for enterprises. Shandong temporary workers keep pace with the times and dare to shoulder the social responsibilities, The industry took the lead in developing new energy-saving loaders, with an average fuel saving of more than 12%, which can be regarded as an industry model. Shandong temporary road show activities are not only the publicity of temporary enterprises and products, but also the support and support of the concept of energy conservation, environmental protection and low-carbon emission reduction in human society

this lottery is expected to sell 100 complete machines, achieving a good result of selling 184 loaders, 5 rollers and 2 excavators, a total of 191, and achieving breakthrough sales beyond expectations

this roadshow further deepened customers' understanding of temporary work, improved the reputation and reputation of the well-known "Yinxi technology" of temporary work brand after it entered the new energy industry chain, cultivated Taiyuan customer loyalty; and further improved the market share of temporary work in Taiyuan, which played a positive role in promoting the dissemination of "efficient and energy-saving" products of temporary work

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