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Shenzhou Taiyue and Beijing Normal University jointly establish a joint Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

recently, Shenzhou Taiyue (stock code 300002) officially signed an agreement with the Chinese information processing Institute of Beijing Normal University to jointly establish an artificial intelligence joint laboratory. The two sides will focus on the requirements of big data and artificial intelligence technology in the outline of the 13th five year plan, carry out research on artificial intelligence and intelligent robots, and carry out comprehensive cooperation in promoting the transformation of research results and cultivating high-level talents

for the establishment of the joint laboratory, Mr. xujialu, the former vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and the director of the Institute of Chinese information processing of Beijing Normal University, commented that the only hope laboratory is closely united and has doubled confidence. At the same time of technological innovation, it also creates new theories, forms a Chinese style information processing school, and adds glory to the country

Mr. Xu Jialu, former vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress

Mr. Xu Jialu's personal instructions

the joint laboratory will conduct in-depth research on the basic theories and technologies related to Chinese semantic analysis, the algorithms related to intelligent robot cognition, and the topics that the Department should pay attention to are multilingual automatic translation in the field of technology and finance, the resource construction of multilingual analysis and related algorithms, Strive to achieve and maintain the leading position in the field of Chinese semantic understanding in the following materials, so as to make contributions to ensuring that China's AI cognitive technology leads the world. While further promoting the research on Chinese semantic understanding technology, the joint laboratory will actively translate the research results into basic public service capabilities to meet the needs of people's intelligent life

the Institute of Chinese information processing of Beijing Normal University was established in January, 2004, and has the leading academic level in the field of Chinese information processing in China. The Institute has made remarkable achievements in semantic retrieval, network security, language knowledge extraction, speech recognition comparison, and the integration and application of knowledge base and corpus, and some research results have reached the international leading level

with intelligent semantic cognitive technology, Shenzhou Taiyue is in a leading position in the field of natural language processing. At present, Shenzhou Taiyue has provided semantic analysis platform for Bank of China, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank and other banks, and this platform has become the preferred platform for large state-owned banks. In addition, Shenzhou Taiyue's semantic analysis technology has also been successfully applied to the field of public security by turning the handwheel, which greatly improves the semantic analysis and artificial intelligence of the public security system. At the same time, it is also beneficial to the production of plastic film industry and the application level and informatization level of the country's sustainable development services

this cooperation between Shenzhou Taiyue and Beijing Normal University will give full play to their respective advantages and truly make achievements in production, learning and research in many aspects, such as big data application, artificial intelligence technology and talent training, so as to make the application of artificial intelligence and big data landing and support people's intelligent life

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