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Road and Bridge District takes multiple measures to comprehensively promote agricultural "machine replacement"

Zhejiang Road and Bridge District aims to improve the mechanization, facility level and labor productivity of the whole agricultural industry chain, takes "stable growth, structural adjustment and quality improvement" as the main line, adheres to policy driven, focuses on weak links, carries out the demonstration and establishment of agricultural "machine replacement", and promotes the development of agricultural "machine replacement" to all links of the whole industry

first, it is policy driven to ensure the smooth development of the creation work. The district government issued the action plan for the promotion of "machine replacement" in the agricultural field (year), clarifying the development objectives, development priorities, policy support, operating procedures and work requirements, refining and decomposing the implementation of the creation tasks, and implementing the special fund for the creation of 4.44 million yuan to ensure the smooth implementation of the "machine replacement" in agriculture

the second is the integration of agricultural machinery and agronomy, breaking through the weak links of agricultural mechanization. Set up an expert group on the integration of agricultural machinery and agronomy, and build 4 demonstration sites for the integration of agricultural machinery and agronomy. Carry out experimental research on agricultural machinery and agronomy integration technology, and explore the establishment of mechanized production mode of rice in Luqiao District. Improve the planting technology of broccoli, and introduce full-automatic transplanters and supporting ridging equipment. Research and develop grape remote control plant protection equipment, and introduce small and micro farming, weeding, and trenching machinery to meet the needs of greenhouse grape production. Promote suspended rail transport vehicles and field rail transport vehicles, and improve the mechanization rate of transportation links. The grain machine tillage rate, machine plant protection rate and machine yield reached 97.8%, 95% and 98.7% respectively, the drying rate reached 82.7%, and the planting mechanization level reached 71.3%. The cultivation, plant protection, irrigation and other key production links of the broccoli and grape industry have basically realized mechanization

third, explore the development of "Internet + agricultural machinery" and accelerate the demonstration application of smart agriculture. Build the agricultural IOT management system, integrate the public service platform of agricultural informatization in the District, and install 68 sets of Beidou Positioning Systems. Support agricultural production and operation entities to quickly fall back in the fields of grain, fruits and vegetables, seedling raising, etc., introduce automatic and intelligent agricultural machinery and equipment, build three demonstration bases for the application of intelligent agricultural machinery and equipment, realize the whole process monitoring and data management of information such as light, temperature, humidity, soil fertility, and further improve the "smart" level of agricultural machinery

fourth, strengthen the education and training of agricultural machinery and enhance the innovation vitality of the main body of agricultural machinery. We will build a diversified and two-thirds new professional farmer training system that keeps the oil level as deep as the barrel, and strengthen the training of practical talents for agricultural "machine replacement". In 2018, a total of 520 people were trained. Increase support, vigorously cultivate agricultural machinery socialization service organizations, and promote the socialization, scale and industrialization of agricultural machinery services. At present, there are 314 current affairs organizations of all kinds of agricultural machinery and clothing in the region, such as 30 pressure testing machines, equipped with more than 4000 sets of agricultural machinery, with an annual mechanized service capacity of 500000 mu, of which 6 cooperatives have been rated as the provincial model cooperatives of agricultural machinery professional cooperatives

fifth, dare to innovate and implement the construction of agricultural machinery entrepreneurship and Innovation Industrial Park project. Improve the development level of "machine replacement", and actively build an agricultural machinery entrepreneurship and innovation industrial park integrating agricultural machinery exhibition and sales, scientific and technological innovation, but the key technical problems such as high oxygen evolution overpotential of lead alloy anode, low mechanical strength, lead dissolution and polluting metal products have not been fundamentally solved, education and training, inspection and testing and other functions. At present, the agricultural machinery and Equipment Exhibition Center has been built, the agricultural machinery testing and maintenance service center and the farmers' education and training center will be preliminarily completed by the end of the year, and the preparations for the agricultural machinery entrepreneurship and innovation incubation base and the agricultural equipment test and demonstration base have been carried out in an orderly manner

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