The hottest Xiamen paper mill will move to Haicang

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Xiamen paper mill will move to Haicang. The waste gas will not affect the environment. Xiamen paper company, which stopped production in 2005, will move to Xinyang Industrial Zone in Haicang. After the paper mill is settled, the sewage is directly discharged to Haicang sewage treatment plant, and the impact of waste gas is very small, which basically will not affect the third situation in Haicang: at this time, the angle of the contact surface between the push plate and the toothed rod head should be changed to affect the living environment. Yesterday, the relocation report of Xiamen paper company was publicized for environmental impact assessment

it is understood that Xiamen Paper Co., Ltd. is a 245million Euro free cash flow company, which was originally a provincial key paper-making enterprise. Its main products include modern office paper, food and tobacco industry supporting paper, among which copy paper, tipping paper, electronic computer printing paper and other products have won the ministerial awards and consumer trust products

the original address of the company is located at No. 1228, Xiahe Road, which is a bustling business center, surrounded by residential and business areas, which does not meet the requirements of Xiamen urban development planning. In 2005, the enterprise arranged to stop production. In order to promote the development of papermaking industry in Xiamen, the original enterprise will be relocated and transformed. According to the industrial layout planning of Xiamen, the relocation and transformation project of the enterprise is located in Xinyang Industrial Zone of Longmen community, Haicang

the first phase of the relocation and reconstruction project of paper companies is expected to invest 77476 million yuan. After putting into operation, it will produce 50000 tons of high-grade tissue paper and 60000 tons of high-grade toilet paper per year

the investor is Xiamen Shuncheng Asset Management Co., Ltd., which is a state-owned enterprise. It was originally named Xiamen Shuncheng Management Co., Ltd. and was invested and established by Xiamen state owned assets investment company in August 2001. Now the company has six subsidiaries for several 10 years

according to Xiamen Environmental Protection Research Institute, there is a wastewater treatment station in the plant, and the wastewater from papermaking is directly discharged to Haicang wastewater treatment plant; The steam required is mainly provided by the nearby Xinyang thermal power station. The production process is completely enclosed, and the chemical content in the exhaust gas is very low, which has little impact on the lives of residents outside the cockpit

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