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With the rapid development of plastic technology, the improvement of the performance of the material market and the continuous improvement of consumer demand, the development of new plastic materials with new applications has become hot, and the research laboratories of new plastic materials in many countries have sprung up like bamboo shoots after the rain to launch scientific research competitions for the application performance of special industries for the development of new plastic materials The application of PCB tensile testing machine and innovation has provided many practical results. Now, the plastic family has added new members, namely the following five "geeks" favored and praised by the industry

one of the strange customers: a new type of bioplastics with high heat conductivity that can be compared with stainless steel PK

Japanese electric company has newly developed a bioplastics with plant as raw material, and its heat conductivity is equal to that of stainless steel. The company mixed carbon fibers with a length of several millimeters and a diameter of 0.01mm and special adhesives into the polylactic acid resin with corn as raw material to produce a new type of bioplastics with high heat conductivity. If 10% carbon fiber is mixed, the thermal conductivity of bioplastics is equal to that of stainless steel; When 30% carbon fiber is added, the thermal conductivity of bioplastics is twice that of stainless steel, and the density is only 1/5 that of stainless steel

in addition to its good thermal conductivity, this bioplastics also has the advantages of light weight, easy molding and low environmental pollution. It can be used to produce the outer frame of light and thin computers, electronic products and so on

strange guest 2: color changing plastic film with optical effect

a color changing plastic film was jointly developed by the University of Southampton in the UK and the Darmstadt plastic Institute in Germany. This kind of film combines natural optical effect with artificial optical effect, which is actually a new way to accurately change the color of objects. This color changing plastic film is a plastic opal film, which is composed of plastic balls stacked in three-dimensional space. There are also tiny carbon nanoparticles in the middle of the plastic balls, so that light is not only reflected in the edge area between the plastic balls and the surrounding materials, but also reflected on the surface of carbon nanoparticles filled between these plastic balls. This greatly deepens the color of the film. As long as the volume of plastic spheres is controlled, light substances that only scatter certain spectral frequencies can be produced

strange guest 3: plastic blood that wants to build miracles in the medical field

researchers at the University of Sheffield in the UK have developed an artificial "plastic blood", which looks like a thick paste. As long as it is dissolved in water, it can be used as a blood substitute for patients in the process of first aid. This new type of artificial blood is composed of plastic molecules. There are millions of plastic molecules in a piece of artificial blood. These molecules are similar in size and shape to hemoglobin molecules. They can also carry iron atoms. For example, the falling edge of hemoglobin pulse corresponds to the rising edge of alternating load waveform, and oxygen is transported to the whole body at the zero crossing point. As the raw material for manufacturing is plastic, this kind of artificial blood is portable and easy to carry, does not need to be refrigerated, has a long service life, and the work efficiency is higher than that of real artificial blood. As for the cost, other challenges include: the understanding of relevant technologies needs to be improved (17.53%), relevant regulations need to be improved (14.82%), and the market demand is low (7.02%)

strange guest 4: new bulletproof plastic like King Kong armor

a scientific research team in Mexico recently developed a new type of bulletproof plastic, which can be used to make bulletproof glass and bulletproof clothing, and its quality is only 1/5 to 1/7 of traditional materials. This is a specially processed plastic material. Compared with plastic with normal structure, it has super bullet proof property. Tests show that this new type of plastic can resist bullets with a diameter of 22mm. Common bulletproof materials will be damaged and deformed after being hit by bullets, and cannot be used anymore. Although this new material will deform temporarily after being impacted by bullets, it will soon return to its original state and can continue to be used. In addition, this new material can evenly distribute the impact force of the bullet, thereby reducing the damage to the human body

strange guest 5: plastics that can reduce automobile noise pollution

recently, American polymer Group Corporation (PGI) used renewable polypropylene and polyethylene terephthalate to make a new kind of intensive cultivation basic material, which can be used in moldable automobile parts to reduce noise. This kind of material is mainly used in car body and wheel well liner to produce a barrier layer, which can absorb the sound in the car compartment and reduce the noise by 25% - 30%. PGI company has developed a special one-step production process, which organically combines recycled materials and untreated materials, and makes the two materials become a whole through stacking method and needling method

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