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Xiamen Industrial Group Co., Ltd. is optimistic about seizing the market in the core area of the "the Belt and Road"

Xiamen Industrial Group Co., Ltd. is optimistic about seizing the market in the core area of the "the Belt and Road"

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Xiamen Industrial Group Co., Ltd. (600815) AVIC shares, a model of military civilian integration: AVIC has the R & D ability of hydraulic technology for the core components of construction machinery products, and AVIC shares Xiamen Industrial Group Co., Ltd. as an industrial development platform, With its technical R & D strength, it will improve the technical level of construction machinery products, extend the "four wheel belt" and other key parts and components industries of construction machinery, build aviation maintenance and electromechanical bases, enter the military industry, and greatly enhance the company's core competitiveness in the field of domestic construction machinery. At present, the company is transferring property rights, and the actual controller may be changed to AVIC, becoming a model of civil military integration in the AVIC system. The entry of AVIC will strengthen the company's military background. Under the background of General Secretary Xi Jinping's request to speed up the construction of an equipment system suitable for fulfilling the mission, the company's valuation level is expected to improve

policy deregulation promotes the recovery of real estate investment, and it is expected that there will be a performance reversal in 2015: in infrastructure construction investment, equipment investment is mainly in construction machinery. Due to the slowdown in the growth rate of China's fixed asset investment, especially real estate investment, the downstream purchasing power of major construction machinery products such as cranes, excavators and loaders continued to decline, and the company's performance once fell into a trough. According to the company's annual performance forecast, the company's 2 resolution is also the net profit in 2014 that needs to be comprehensively considered when the manufacturer designs and produces the experimental machine. Compared with the same period of last year, it turned losses into profits, but it mainly comes from the government subsidy 4764. The vibration of the pressure blasting experimental machine in the transportation process may cause the connection of various pipelines or valves to loosen With a non operating income of 48 million yuan, the performance has not fundamentally improved. With the deregulation policy of real estate coming one after another, we have established a long-term cooperative relationship with many foreign customers, and the demand for housing improvement has ushered in a major positive. The liberalization of real estate regulation and control policies will help to increase the number of new real estate projects, thus driving the gradual recovery of equipment market demand. Judging from this, construction machinery is expected to benefit from the double benefits of the belt and road initiative, which will continue to lead the global market demand, help digest excess capacity and the recovery of domestic real estate investment. It is expected that the decline in equipment sales this year will tend to narrow, and the continuous de stocking and de leveraging of the industry will also be significantly improved in the second quarter. We expect substantial performance reversal in the construction machinery industry in the second and third quarters

looking forward to the next few years, the construction machinery industry may still have problems such as large market ownership, overcapacity and intensified competition, and the market reshuffle and the survival of the fittest are inevitable. Some leading enterprises will fully benefit from the "the Belt and Road" and be in a favorable position in the change of competition pattern. The market share of the company's main business loader ranks in the forefront of the industry, and the scale effect appears

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