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The second China (Xiamen) rubber and plastic industry exhibition closed successfully on November 25th, 2012. In the three-day exhibition, about 20000 professionals, buyers and suppliers from all regions gathered together, and well-known rubber and plastic enterprises such as Haitian, Haitai, Bochuang and fuqiangxin gathered in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center to participate in the grand event

this rubber and plastic exhibition is jointly hosted by Xiamen General Chamber of Commerce and Fujian rubber and plastic industry chamber of Commerce. Today, 6. The number of annual exhibitions will increase by nearly 60% compared with last year, from 212 booths last year to 350 booths. This exhibition not only gathered major exhibitors from the mainland, but also attracted well-known rubber enterprises from Taiwan. 3. Due to the low risk of establishing recycled plastic particle plants, plastic enterprises came to the exhibition with a high profile across the sea. In addition, it also gathered Southeast Asian countries, mainly Singapore, Thailand Portland cement, ordinary portland cement GB 175 (1) 999 countries, consuls of the Philippine Consulate in Xiamen, business consuls and so on

this exhibition strives to build Xiamen, Fujian and even Haixi Economic Zone into the forefront of the same type of development of the rubber and plastic industry in the future, highlight the current research and development and upgrading trend of "new thinking, new technology, new process and new products" in the rubber and plastic industry, and unite the strength of all sectors of rubber and plastic to jointly combat the bleakness of the industry under the European debt crisis

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