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Xiang Wenbo insisted that Sany did not endanger U.S. national security. Xiang Wenbo insisted that Sany did not endanger U.S. national security. Chinese construction machinery information has been on an uneven path of overseas development for Chinese enterprises. It is common for companies to encounter disputes or improper treatment. However, there are few enterprises like Sany group that say "no" to such improper behavior

recently, Sany sued US President Barack Obama and US CFIUS and won a phased victory, which undoubtedly gave Chinese enterprises a "shot in the arm" to "go global". Xiang Wenbo, director of Sany group and President of Sany Heavy Industry, told the truth behind the victory of Sany Heavy Industry in an exclusive interview with the column "the company claims this is a milestone event"

"even if we appeal, we are still 99% sure of our victory."

of course, this noisy lawsuit has now ushered in a phased victory, but this is not the end of the dust. The U.S. government still has the opportunity to appeal. The victory is exciting, but at the same time of joy, we also need to treat this lawsuit rationally

the article "Sany Heavy Industry really won Obama" previously released by CNR finance and economics "CNR finance and economics" CNR finance and economics "CNR finance and economics" will analyze the three trends of the lawsuit in the future: first, CFIUS and President Obama will continue to appeal, and sany will accompany them to the end; Second, CFIUS and President Obama give up the appeal, and sany will win a complete victory; Third, the possibility of further reconciliation is not ruled out

Xiang Wenbo said, "At the beginning of this case, some people evaluated our probability of success as 1%. When the U.S. court decided to accept this case, the first instance was in the district court, and our lawyer's answer was 50 to 50. After the court lost the case, making it coincide with the main goal, we appealed to the circuit court, and the lawyer said that our confidence of victory was 100%. Today, even if the U.S. government appeals again, our lawyer's answer is still 99%." 。

where does such firm confidence come from? Xiang Wenbo said, "Sany Heavy Industry did not endanger national security. We also actively responded to the government's request and agreed to move us. However, the conclusion that Sany's assets were deprived without due process is irrefutable." Xiang Wenbo repeatedly stressed that because Sany did not endanger the national security of the United States, the evidence provided by the U.S. government to the court simply does not exist, and even if you fight a lawsuit, you will definitely win

"it can be said that the judge has won the battle under the cyclic load until now."

it is speculated that the president may ask the U.S. Columbia Circuit to retry the case, and even ask 11 justices of Colombia to collectively review the case. But when it comes to the possibility of this situation, Xiang Wenbo said, "so far, I think this case has been completely won."

Xiang Wenbo pointed out that there are three judges in the Colombian circuit court. These three judges are representative. In terms of the party whose low-grade glass is 0.0456 euros/kg, there are two Republican judges and one democratic judge. In terms of race, there are two blacks and one white. Therefore, no matter from the perspective of gender, party, or race, their judgment this time is not controversial. It is challenging to overturn this judgment. "The judgment of this case itself is very solid, and our victory is also very neat". Xiang Wenbo said

how does the winning rate increase from 1% to 99

how did Sany Heavy Industry achieve the success rate of 1% at the beginning to 99% now

when it comes to the success rate, Xiang Wenbo's analysis may have two reasons. On the one hand, there is only one judge in the local court, and the judge's level is not high enough. In addition, the case itself is major. The case involves such a powerful institution of CFIUS and the president of the country. A small local judge cannot make a decision, and it is very stressful for a local judge to bear this risk. The situation of the circuit court is different, because it is not one judge who makes a judgment, but three judges who make a judgment together. From the perspective of pressure, three people bear less pressure than one person. At least, they make a judgment collectively without personal preference. From all aspects, it was judged that the possibility of winning in the local court was relatively low

on the other hand, Xiang Wenbo analyzed that "a strong lawyer team is also a very important reason for winning"

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