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Xiamen workers and shell (China) create a new milestone of "mutual benefit and win-win"

Xiamen workers and shell (China) create a new milestone of "mutual benefit and win-win"

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blood is an important tissue of the human body. "Health and longevity" cannot be achieved without fresh and clean blood. Once our blood is mixed with impurities or qualitative changes, it will cause various diseases and even endanger life. The lubricating oil in construction machinery is like the blood of the body. Whether it is selected correctly or not will directly affect the service performance of the machine itself, and then determine the service life of the machine. Therefore, choosing the right oil often means adding happiness and longevity to mechanical equipment

at 10:00 a.m. on May 8, 2015, Xiamen Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. signed a strategic agreement with shell (China) Co., Ltd. to further expand the scope of cooperation and enhance the value of cooperation. Xu Zhenming, the chairman of Xiamen Industrial Group, Bai Feiping, the president, Hong Jiaqing and Yu jiuren, the vice presidents, Huang Hezhou, the president of the Engineering Technology Research Institute, together with the "top leaders" of various business divisions and Shen Jian, the general manager of shell (China), gathered at Xiamen Industrial Group to build a bridge of complementary advantages and mutual benefit

sign a strategic agreement

sign a strategic agreement

Bai Feiping, President of Xiamen Engineering Group, said that in recent years, "high efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection" have risen to the main trend of social development. Xiamen Engineering Group keeps pace with the times and uses its "accumulated and thin development" scientific and technological innovation strength to continuously launch new series of products with fully autonomous intellectual property rights, such as "HN series" wheel loaders and "W series" wheel excavators, At the same time, the quality and performance have reached the industry-leading level. In order to further meet customers' personalized and differentiated needs, XCMG will continue to increase investment, strengthen research and development, accelerate development, make breakthroughs in core technology, and never stop pursuing excellent quality. As the "blood" of engineering machinery and equipment, lubricating oil is a strong support for the improvement of product efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection. Xiamen workers should choose the right "blood" to stimulate vitality. Shell is a good partner of Xiamen workers in high-end lubrication solutions

speech by President Bai Feiping

Shen Jian, general manager of shell (China), said that shell is a leader in the global oil industry and obtains the shore a hardness value It is a leading enterprise in the construction machinery industry to review whether there is no shortage of workers in the construction machinery industry. Today's strong alliance and strategic coordination will further the cooperation between the two sides in the working process of 8. Experimental machine - from products, technology to after-sales service, we will vigorously promote the deeper, broader and more stable promotion

It is reported that shell and Xiamen Engineering Group Co., Ltd. started some cooperation as early as 2013, mainly for the initial installation and after-sales "blood transfusion" of excavators, shield machines and small machines... Over the past two years, shell has brought considerable value feedback to Xiamen Engineering machinery with its high quality. After the signing of this strategic agreement, the two sides will intensify efforts to jointly expand the business of high-end lubricating oil products for Xiamen Industrial and Commercial Machinery Co., Ltd., strengthen the joint development of the after-sales market, and deepen the cooperation and exchange of technology research and development. At the same time, it will also activate "online and offline interaction" with the help of e-commerce platforms, keep pace with the times, seek a better cooperation mode for business and sales, and achieve a newer and greater leap in strategic development

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