The hottest Xiamen honest boss cheated 200000 yuan

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Xiamen: "integrity" boss cheated 200000 yuan of paint and ran away

Xiamen: "integrity" boss cheated 200000 yuan of paint and ran away

September 2008, deputy president of Fraunhofer Institute of Chemical Technology 16

[China paint information] "the big liar is really a big liar, fooling more than 30 suppliers who do business with him. If the downstream demand is not reduced, it must be better to punish him." This is what a hardware store supplier said to me the day before yesterday. They were cheated by a "honest" boss, who cheated them of 200000 yuan worth of paint and "ran away"

more than 30 suppliers were cheated

Li, a man in his 30s, was from Jiangxi Province. He opened a hardware store in Jimei and often bought paints, coatings and other goods from suppliers in Jiangtou and other places on the island. In the eyes of others, Li is very straightforward in doing business. Every time he deals in cash, and he has not been in arrears. He is regarded as a "honest person"

around July 2007, Li suddenly proposed to the supplier that he wanted to take non-standard goods to see the specific requirements before settling the payment because he had little money recently. The suppliers trusted him very much. Although it was a little unexpected, everyone still gave the goods to Li in such a vicious circle. "More than 30 suppliers successively gave goods worth 200000 yuan to Li on credit. When I had to check out for a period of time, I found that Li had disappeared."

absconded after transferring goods at a low price

the suppliers collectively called the police, and the Huli Economic Investigation Brigade quickly took over the case for investigation. After the police launched an investigation, they found that as early as last July, Li had already decided to run away. At the beginning of June last year, Li transferred the hardware store to a real estate agent company. It was agreed that it would be handed over on July 14 last year, and he also received a transfer fee of 30000 yuan. After transferring the facade, Li also bought a large amount of goods on July 12

On the evening of July 12, Li hired two large trucks to carry goods worth more than 200000 yuan to a warehouse in Xiang'an, and then sold them to a Quanzhou businessman who had been contacted in advance at the price of 180000 yuan. That night, Li absconded

After absconding, Li hid in Putian first and then went to Shenzhen. The police in Huli listed Li as the target of "pursuing and fleeing". On August 30 this year, with the assistance of Shenzhen police, the police arrested him

Li claimed that the reason why he designed to cheat was that when he was doing paint business with others, he was owed more than 100000 yuan by others, resulting in the normal turnover of funds. Li felt that the pressure of business was too great, so he wanted to "tear down east walls and make up for west walls"

according to the police, Mr. Li fled to Shenzhen for a while after he succeeded, and the money he defrauded was wasted by him. When he was caught by the police, he had little left

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