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Manhumer released the 2014 financial report: the sales volume reached 2.8 billion euros

manhumer released the 2014 financial report: the sales volume reached 2.8 billion euros

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• the sales volume further increased year-on-year, which can be stretched, contracted, zigzagged, torn, cut, 180 degree stripping 90 degree divestiture experiment

• profit before interest and tax (EBIT) reached 140million euros

• China became an important driving force for business growth in Asia

• South American business declined

• after the acquisition of purolator, the expenditure on after-sales business in the United States increased

• the status of the leader in the filtration industry was affirmed

Shanghai, April 1, 2015 - manhumel, a German filtration expert, announced the 2014 financial report yesterday: in 2014, Manhumel's sales increased by 4.5% year-on-year, i.e. 120million euros, reaching 2.8 billion euros (2013 sales: 2.68 billion euros). Excluding the impact of exchange rate, mahumer's sales increased by 8.9%. The EBIT after deducting non operating expenses is 5% (2013 EBIT: 5.6%). Through mergers and acquisitions, mahumer's global employees increased by 769 in 2014, reaching 16000 at present. After 2012, American independent Market Research Institute (Freedonia) once again affirmed manhumer's leading position in the global filtration industry in 2014

Mr. Alfred Weber, President and CEO of mahumer, evaluated the overall performance in the past year as stable. "The development of our core business is generally satisfactory. Although our profits are negatively affected by special factors, our overall performance is stable. Our 16000 employees in more than 60 regions around the world have made outstanding contributions to the success of manhumer, for which I am deeply grateful."

when the management of mahumer group presented the results of the first half of the year in September, 2014, mahumer had predicted that the second half of the year would be slightly weak. In this regard, Mr. Frank B. jehle, deputy CEO and chief financial officer of manhumer, clearly pointed out the main negative factors affecting the company's profits in the performance report: the weakness of the South American market, the increase in expenditures arising from the acquisition of purolator and the impact of exchange rates

the negative impact of the economic downturn in South America is unexpected. In Brazil, the automobile main engine business, one of the core businesses of manhumel, fell by 30%. One of the reasons is the additional expenses incurred in the acquisition of purolator

China, as the world's largest automobile market, still maintains growth.

in recent years, the growth of the global economy and the automobile market is attributed to the growth of demand in emerging markets, especially in China. In terms of per capita car ownership, the car market will continue to grow. In developed countries, there are about 500 cars per 1000 residents, compared with about 200 in Russia and Brazil, 50 in China and even lower in India. Manhumer's development in Asia mainly depends on the Chinese market. In China, mahumer's revenue mainly comes from the strong demand of the automobile market and the strong network layout of China's five major production bases

U.S. auto market

the U.S. market has successfully recovered from the crisis in 2009, accounting for nearly 20% of mahumer's sales, and has further developed in the past few months. "We benefit from the recovery of the US economy," jehle said. "Unfortunately, the situation in South America is completely opposite to that in the United States, especially in Brazil, where the performance has declined seriously."

accelerated transfer of automobile demand

in Western Europe, the market performance greatly affected by the European debt crisis is still far below the level before the crisis. However, from the perspective of new car registration, the overall performance of these markets is relatively stable. According to the prediction of the German automobile industry association (VDA), the global market share of Western Europe will drop to about 15% in the next few years. Therefore, the global market demand will shift significantly

according to the German automobile industry association, EU countries, such as Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom, have seen strong growth in the number of new car registrations. The economic recovery in these regions has also benefited manhumer group. "Our branches in these regions clearly felt the growth of demand. We reasonably arranged the production of other factories outside Germany, and the sales increased all the way. Especially the factories in Turkey and Thailand, thanks to the successful production of air filters and intake manifolds, the sales increased significantly," jehle explained

growth in the non automotive sector

manhumer acquired or participated in two non automotive companies in 2014. The company will continue to implement its business growth strategy and increase its investment in the non automotive field

vokes air, located in svenljunga, Sweden, is a leading supplier in the indoor air purification and HVAC segment. These segments account for nearly 15% of the global filtration market and maintain a remarkable growth rate

in may, 2014, manhumo 1. The measurement and control system is a precision measurement and control system with advanced microcomputer program control, multi-channel signal measurement and full digital closed-loop control. The company acquired 50% of the shares of microdyn-nadir, a water filtration expert, and strengthened the water filtration business the company has been involved in since 2010. Headquartered in Wiesbaden, Germany, Maynard is committed to the production and sales of flat membrane. At the same time, it is a leading global supplier in the fields of microfiltration membrane, ultrafiltration membrane, nanofiltration membrane and membrane components. Manhumer has acquired 100% of Maynard since February 2015. The water filtration business of Maynard's branches in Brazil, Singapore, China, the United States and Germany will be uniformly managed by the company's headquarters

compared with 2013, the global industrial output value achieved a certain growth in 2014, and the overall growth rate of emerging countries and developing countries was the same as that in 2013. But industrial production in Brazil and other South American countries fell into deficit. "Our business in Brazil has declined significantly. Overall, our industrial filtration business still performed well in 2014," said Manfred wolf, President and general manager of mahumer automotive and industrial filtration business. "At present, the industrial filtration business accounts for 12% of the group's total sales."

according to the prediction of the German machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Association (VDMA), in 2015, investment activities in industry and machinery manufacturing will increase, and related businesses will increase by 5%. "We share this view," wolf said. "We believe that in 2015, our sales and revenue in the industrial filtration business will be further improved."

700 new employees

through mergers and acquisitions and expansion of business in China, mahumer has recruited more than 700 new employees, and the total number of employees has increased from 15231 in 2013 to 16000

focus on filtering business

in response to global competitive pressure and price pressure, mahumer put forward a grand growth strategy. "In our 2022 strategy, innovation and focus on filtering business are very important parts," Weber explained. "The future sustained growth will be largely driven by mergers and acquisitions." Although Weber did not disclose more details, it is certain that manhumer's next acquisition target will still be a filter enterprise. For this filter enterprise with a history of 74 years, the filter business has always been the core element of manhumer brand

industry leading position recognized

the strategy of focusing on filtration business has brought returns to manhumer: Freedonia, an independent market research institution in the United States, once again affirmed manhumer's leading position in the filtration industry in the summer of 2014 after 2012. In Freedonia's survey on the global filtering application market, manhumer has the highest market share. Freedonia sees China and India as powerful drivers of filtering industry growth, and manhumer has been doing well in these markets

looking forward to the future

"the construction of the technology center in Ludwigsburg is an important commitment made by manhumer. We will also further internationalize, which is also our important development plan," Alfred Weber said. Starting from the filter manufacturer in Ludwigsburg, mahumer has gradually developed into a global enterprise, providing services to customers in more than 60 regions around the world. "We must appear wherever customers need us," Weber said of the development of the automotive industry

VDA said that in 2010, German manufacturers produced more products abroad than at home for the first time. Every year, 5.5 million passenger cars and light commercial vehicles are rolled off the production line from factories in Germany, while the output outside Germany exceeds 9million

manhumer will continue to implement the growth strategy in 2015. "We attach great importance to sustained growth. This is not a goal in itself, but a requirement we must meet in order to maintain our innovation and market leadership," said Alfred Weber. "In 2014, we won numerous awards from customers in various industries, which fully confirmed the correctness of our strategy. It is clear that we have successfully consolidated and communicated our competitive advantages in quality, service and innovation."

about manhumer group

manhumer group is a leading expert in filtration solutions in the world, committed to developing and providing original supporting equipment for the international automotive industry and construction machinery industry. At present, mahumer group has 16000 employees in about 60 regions around the world, with sales of 2.8 billion euros in 2014. In the automotive industry, mahumer's products include air filtration system, intake manifold system, liquid filtration system, air conditioning filter, plastic sound generator and filter element for vehicle after-sales service and maintenance. In the fields of general engineering, processing engineering and industrial manufacturing, mahumer's product range includes industrial filters, a series of products that can reduce carbon emissions from diesel engines, membrane filters and filtration systems for water treatment. For more information about manhumer, please visit

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