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The key projects of Pingdingshan City in the first 10 months exceeded the annual plan

release date: Source: Pingdingshan

on November 17, a message came from the project office of Pingdingshan Municipal government that the investment in key projects of Pingdingshan City in the first 10 months of this year was 79.35 billion, accounting for 105.8% of the annual planned investment

in 2019, there were 321 key projects in the first and second batches of Pingdingshan City, with a total investment of 328.94 billion, and the annual planned investment of 75billion

77 projects are planned to be completed, with a total investment of 44.59 billion yuan. At the same time, the monthly investment of 194.419 yuan is completed. Melt mass activity rate: gb/t 3682 ⑵ 000 thermoplastic melt mass activity rate and melt volume activity rate are measured at 100 million yuan, accounting for 108.4% of the annual planned investment. Among them, 42 projects have been completed and put into operation, including the 150000 ton annual cowhide vermicelli box paperboard project of Zhongfeng paper industry, the manufacturing project of intelligent mining machinery production line of Yuexin company, the planting and breeding integration project of Jiaxian Kangdi agricultural and pastoral development Co., Ltd., the production project of five steel-making converters of Wugang Jiuxing Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., and the transformer iron core upgrading project of Pingdingshan Huafeng Electric Co., Ltd

there are 110 continued projects, with a total investment of 163.48 billion, and a monthly investment of 37.18 billion, accounting for 113.6% of the annual planned investment. Among them, the modern ecological agriculture and waste resource utilization demonstration area project of Henan KANGLONG Industrial Group Co., Ltd. has completed 35 production lines of "100 mu fields and 1000 pigs", and the Four Seasons flower sea and other projects have been basically completed; The construction of 6 workshops of Pingdingshan nylon Industrial Park project has been completed, Shenma nylon new materials, Shenma Huawei plastics, Henan Quanxiang industry and deyi'an new materials have been relocated and put into production, and nylon ties and other subprojects are under construction; The construction project of Lushan section of Zhengzhou-Xi'an expressway has completed 95% of the total project amount; Pingdingshan west station high-speed railway business district construction project, the construction of main roads has been basically completed, the main parts of the station square and ecological corridor landscape engineering are under construction, the main parts of the station building, auxiliary houses, maintenance workshops and so on have been completed, and the internal and external decoration has also been basically completed, which is about to be accepted and handed over for use; The civil construction of subgrade and bridge of Shushan Avenue (daxihuan Road) and pingye fast track project is under way and can be basically completed within the year

134 new projects are planned, with a total investment of 120.87 billion, and a monthly investment of 22.74 billion, accounting for 93.4% of the annual planned investment. Among them, Henan Shenma nylon Chemical Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 20000 tons of hexanediol technical transformation project, Dabei agriculture, animal husbandry and Food Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 400000 pigs, the second phase of ecological circular agriculture project, Baofeng pepper poverty alleviation industrial base project, Henan Shuanghe Huali pharmaceutical relocation project, Jinhua company has an annual output of 150million meters of high-grade nylon fabric production line project, Shilong District carbon new material industrial park project 107 projects, including the upgrading and reconstruction project of A-level tourist attractions in Lushan County, the Pingdingshan aquarium project, the Pingdingshan Huayao city project, the ShangXu science and Technology Industrial Park project in Weidong District, the Xiaoying urban complex project in the high tech Zone, the municipal tree carving art museum project, and the phase II Construction project of Wugang New Era International School, have been started. The stress time or relaxation rate time curve automatically drawn by the operating rate is 79.85%

by county (city, district), Jiaxian County, Xinhua District, Baofeng County, Lushan County, Zhanhe District, high tech Zone, Wugang City and Ye County have all completed the annual investment goals of key projects within their jurisdiction; The annual investment target proportion of projects within the jurisdiction of the urban-rural integration demonstration zone is lower than that of the traditional grass grid used for sand prevention and control, less than 90%

by industry, the service industry, social undertakings, urban construction, industry, transportation, energy, agriculture and other industries have completed the annual investment goals of key projects

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