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The key thermodynamic packaging for drug transportation

recently, such a thing happened in Canada. Some patients died after using the correct dose of vaccinia vaccine, because the drugs in the bottle crystallized in the severe winter. This kind of medicine is transported in a box insulated with foam. The drugs leave the factory in Puerto Rico and are transported to San Juan Airport by ground transportation. After being stored there for a period of time, the drugs are loaded by transport aircraft and then transported to a distribution point in Canada. The pharmaceutical factory carefully transports them in large packages, and the distribution point repacks them in small packages and distributes them to various clinics. From the pharmaceutical factory to the final destination, through ground transportation and air transportation, there are several storage stages, and the drugs should be exposed to the following environment: in Puerto Rico, the temperature is 32~35 ℃, and the humidity is 2.5% of the drugs Because of the above 1 The reason is that the plastic tensile testing machine is lighter than the metal one, and its mechanical characteristics are impact, vibration and temperature limit. What kind of weather may you experience? When and at what temperature will accidents occur? Logistics and market information, i.e. how to store and transport materials, and how long? Will drugs be repackaged before delivery to users? Are there appropriate product protection measures in the distribution process? The development agreement shall specify the precise temperature, including the temperature range. In many cases, little is known about the temperature range that drugs will experience before failure, so drugs should be tested in packaging to clarify the mechanical properties that need to be improved. The development agreement stage provides an opportunity for package designers to cooperate with drug developers to obtain data and patent information. The main problems of processing and logistics to be discussed are: 1) distribution stage and operation 2) environmental conditions 3) mechanical characteristics 4) product weaknesses for various products in addition, the food industry is still in command, and the packaging department should investigate separately. The type of packaging selected depends on time temperature and vulnerability to shock and vibration. If packaging containers are used, the engineers of both parties shall jointly analyze the data and discuss the transportation mode and distribution steps to be adopted. Continuous testing will confirm these data and clarify what is inconsistent with what was expected during the discussion. To test the prototype and obtain the basis, it may be necessary to make several prototypes, which depends on the changes in the later stages of the test results. The type of test selected depends on the climatic operation and the weakness of the product. During the test cycle, as a safety protection, the Engineer shall test the prototype at the extreme temperature. Of course, there is no need to test the limits that the product cannot experience. The contractor often tests in the temperature range of -100~200 ℃. The typical practice is to carry out a series of tests at high and low temperatures, which should be repeated several times in order to accurately test. Monitoring of protective packaging all drugs can benefit from packaging with some form of temperature indicator. Large package indicators can be used when slow drug control products are shipped directly to consumers and temperature is not considered a problem. These indicators provide a record of the actual environment. However, if the agreement specifies a specific temperature range, the intelligent transportation device should have some form of indicator. At present, there are several kinds of products, ranging from products that are triggered above zero (with a safety factor) to products that are triggered only at a specific temperature. Other temperature indicators are designed to be packed into the package, and such devices will only start when the packaging components are exposed to harmful temperatures for the specified time (with a safety system). For example, if the characteristics of a drug do not change until it is exposed to zero temperature for 8 hours, the device will start in 4-6 hours (with a safety system). This timing system can save the money of the pharmaceutical factory, because most drugs are still good and do not need to be destroyed after being exposed to freezing temperature for a short period of time. The temperature monitor should be used in the following cases: 1) when the package is not verified; 2) It may be to verify the external temperature range; 3) Test the internal and external temperatures that may be experienced (packaging design). In order to record the temperature during transportation, the micro monitor can be put into the transportation box with large package. When the temperature range is exceeded, the monitor will give a warning and download the data to the computer for analysis. Packaging, refrigeration materials and time temperature indicators should be regarded as various components of a system. In addition to mixed materials, such as isolation plates, thermoformed containers and rubber refrigerant (state change materials), new materials such as vacuum separators and air gels, as well as modern processing technology, enable engineers to create efficient new packaging. For example, in large package transportation, products and materials with state changes can be loaded into light and reusable isolation containers before transportation. After the products are transported to the destination, the containers can be disassembled and transported back to the original place. All materials used to keep the products within a certain temperature range can be left in the containers for reuse. Summarize that packaging can prevent drugs from damage or failure, and can be used together with instruments (i.e. temperature display and monitor) to provide evidence of problems. Therefore, packaging should be considered like other links of treatment. Note: experimental experience shows the importance of packaging. Without proper packaging, even the best and most expensive drugs cannot function effectively and may be fatal. The process of distributing these important drugs should be analyzed to clarify the possibility of problems. Every link of transportation, refrigerated trucks, planes arriving the next day and cars of salespersons should be safe. During the transportation cycle from the pharmaceutical factory to the user, the packaging should provide protection for every link

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