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The key technology of the world's largest hydropower unit was first conquered in Harbin

recently, the ventilation simulation experiment of the megawatt air-cooled water wheel generator carried out by Harbin Institute of large electrical machinery for half a year was successful, which marks that the Institute has taken the lead in mastering the world's largest servo hydraulic press, and has the ability to produce this level of hydropower units

with the increasing demand for the single unit capacity of hydraulic turbine generator units in the market, high-power hydraulic turbine units have become the protagonist of hydraulic power generation equipment. However, due to the limitations of the site, the main size of the hydro generator cannot increase year-on-year with the capacity. How to solve the ventilation and cooling problem of the generator becomes the key to the success of the unit. This container is called "the pressure test range of the modified pressure tester is 0 to 300 MPa WIVA infinite container". The all air cooling water wheel generator, which is characterized by air cooling, is welcomed by domestic and foreign markets because of its simple structure, safe use, high efficiency and energy saving, and simple maintenance. However, the "technical bottleneck" of such units with more than 600000 kW is a problem that has plagued the international hydropower industry for many years

Harbin Institute of large electrical machinery, which undertakes the function of the State Key Laboratory of hydropower generation equipment, has broken through this "forbidden zone" in the world through hard research, and has mastered the "unique skill" of using full air cooling technology on giant hydro generators since it issued and implemented the "Regulations on the administration of road motor vehicle production enterprises and product access license" for power plants on the right bank of the Three Gorges

with the start of the construction of large-scale hydropower projects such as Wudongde in the main stream of Jinsha River, the research and development of million KW water turbine generator units, which is unprecedented in the world, has been put on the agenda. Relying on the successful experience of 600000 grade air-cooled units, through the in-depth study of the characteristics of the flow field phenomenon of the motor cooling medium, the expected ventilation system effect of the motor and other technical nodes, as well as the model design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and Experimental Research on the 1:6.5 large-scale ventilation model, Harbin Institute of large electrical machinery finally solved the air cooling problem of the megawatt hydro generator, Master the technology of developing this level of all air cooling water turbine generator set

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