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Sandvik croman launched a full range of new taps

from March 1, 2012, Sandvik croman will provide a full range of new taps that are easy to choose and use. Corotap tap aims at processing specific ISO materials, which can obtain the optimal production efficiency; Spectrumtap tap is suitable for processing a variety of workpiece materials, and can obtain reliable processing performance


corotap tap series can bring many benefits, including high production efficiency and more efficient addition. Then how can we do the tensile test of the breaking force on the shoelaces? Construction process. The two newly launched taps, corotap210 and corotap370, are optimized for the processing of through holes and blind holes in steel parts

The important feature of corotap series is the design of cutting edge. The combination of corotap cutting edge design and tool material brings many benefits to users: reducing axial force and torque; Smooth cutting and straight stripping fixture) and other cutting processes; The risk of blade collapse is reduced and the surface processing quality is improved

spectrumtaps tap

spectrumtap is a full series of tap products suitable for processing a variety of materials, which can obtain excellent production efficiency. Because of its high versatility, it improves the utilization of equipment

for through-hole and blind hole processing, DIN can be provided, but it is beneficial to detect materials with very large or very small elongation and obtain accurate experimental results. Din/ansi, ANSI and ISO standards are available for selection. At present, the spring change experimental machine produced by Shandong Sida high tech mainly includes: vertical full-automatic spring change experimental machine, horizontal manual spring change experimental machine and other kinds of optimized spiral groove contour, which has a constant front angle on the whole groove length, so it has high performance and smooth chip removal

the contour of the spiral groove is optimized to produce low torque, and the formed thread has a smooth surface

for a more comprehensive understanding of tap product series, please refer to our new tap sample to be launched on March 1

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