The latest water-cooled coating machine comes out

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The latest water-cooled coating machine comes out

the water-cooled coating machine is an anti caking coating processor suitable for hot compound fertilizer products. Generally, due to the high temperature of the product, the anti caking film structure is damaged during coating treatment and storage, which affects its anti caking effect

1 structural characteristics of the water-cooled coating machine

the transmission part and external structure of the water-cooled coating machine are similar to those of the traditional roller coating machine. Its characteristics are that the degradable plastics in the simplified body of the traditional roller coating machine have been greatly developed, and the feeding end is equipped with a feeding cavity, the discharging end is equipped with a discharging cavity, and the middle is equipped with a coating cooling internals. A material distribution guide plate is arranged in the feeding cavity, the material feeding pipe and the anti caking agent spraying device extend into the feeding cavity, and a baffle plate is arranged in the discharging cavity: the discharging cavity and the feeding cavity are symmetrically arranged. A number of small cylinders and a large cylinder in the middle are distributed around the wall of the coated cooling inner cylinder, each cylinder is provided with a longitudinal mold partition, both ends of the inner cylinder are provided with a water inlet distributor and a water outlet collector; both ends of the middle large cylinder are provided with a water inlet pipe and a water outlet pipe, and one end is respectively connected with the water inlet distributor and the water return collector. The other end is respectively connected with the external water inlet and outlet valves through a rotary joint

2 coating cooling process of water-cooled coating machine

after the hot chemical fertilizer products and anti caking agent from the previous process are mixed in the feeding cavity, the materials are divided into several parts through the distribution guide plate and enter the small cylinder and the middle large cylinder, and the materials are rolled in contact in the cylinder to evenly coat the anti caking agent. At the same time, the primary cooling water with a temperature of about 2occ enters the cooling channel between the cylinders through the rotary joint and the water inlet distributor, The vertical and horizontal baffles set in the cooling channel play a role in preventing bias flow, and the cooling water flows between the cylinders and indirectly exchanges heat with the materials in the cylinder. The cooled material is discharged through the discharge chamber and enters the next process: the cooling water passes through 26 Power supply voltage: 220V (single-phase) after heat exchange and temperature rise, it is discharged into the circulating cooling water recovery system through the return water collector and outlet water rotation, but the application of plastic machinery cannot be satisfied in our ordinary days

3 technical features and advantages of water-cooled coating machine

(1) the anti caking coating treatment of the product and the cooling and cooling of the product are combined into one, which reduces the investment and operation costs of fixed assets and simplifies the process flow

(2) compared with the traditional roller coating, under the same equipment specification, because the material is divided into several parts for coating treatment, its anti caking coating effect is much higher than that of the traditional simple coating machine, and the amount of anti caking agent can be reduced by more than 20%

(3) the coating cooling internals have reasonable structure, high cooling and heat exchange efficiency, and the cooling range can reach 15C. The cooling effect and comprehensive benefits are better than the conventional air-cooled drum cooling and forced air-cooled fluidized bed cooler

(4) the regulation of product flow, coating effect and product cooling effect can be achieved through variable frequency speed regulation, which can further reduce power consumption and improve the stability of equipment operation

4 transformation of roller coating machine into water-cooled coating machine and its operation

motor power 15kw. Under the condition that other process conditions remain unchanged, the single drum coating machine can be transformed into a water-cooled coating machine only by adding coating cooling internals, brigade adapters, frequency converters, process pipes, etc., which solves the problem of thermal caking of chemical fertilizer without increasing or even reducing the operating cost

5 conclusion

the water-cooled coating machine can be used not only for the hot caking treatment of chemical fertilizer, but also for the hot caking treatment of other granular feed powder materials. ◆ information source: packaging world

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