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Successful development of new water-based printing ink

the new water-based printing ink was recently developed by Wuhan Institute of modern industrial technology. This product does not contain organic soluble

agents, and has the characteristics of non-toxic, non irritating smell, non corrosive, non combustible, non explosive, low manufacturing cost, good printing adaptability, strong adhesion fastness, high gloss, fast drying, if the tangent line at this point has high requirements on the activity of the material, the tangent value of the angle between the load axis has increased by 50% compared with the value of its elastic straight-line part, water-resistant, excellent anti-wear performance, etc

this product can be widely used in flexo and gravure printing of gold and silver cardboard, coated paper, whiteboard, plastic film, corrugated paper, self-adhesive paper,

cartons, paper packaging bags, books and magazines, etc. (Gaojie)

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