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The new washing equipment for dairy drink bottles came out

dairy drinks have high nutritional value, but they are also very easy to be polluted and affect their shelf life, which puts extremely strict requirements on the hygiene of bottles. What is incompatible with this is that some of our consumption habits and production conditions have brought great difficulties to the washing and disinfection of recycling bottles, such as drinking plastic straws, and even other sundries left in the bottles; After drinking, the residue in the bottle was not washed away with water in time; The recycled bottles are stacked randomly in the open air. All these provide opportunities for microorganisms to multiply in large numbers, leading to the decay, mildew and even solidification of the residues in the recycling bottle. Therefore, the washing and disinfection of the recycling bottle has become a common problem in the industry

in the past, the market demand for dairy drinks was relatively small, and the output was not large. Some manufacturers used a pool to soak the recycled bottles for a long time, and washed the bottles manually with a brush or with some semi-automatic bottle washing equipment. The bottle washing efficiency was low, the output was low, the energy consumption was high, and the health protection was relatively poor. With the need of market competition and the continuous expansion of production scale, the previous bottle washing equipment and technology can no longer meet the requirements of dairy manufacturers. The launch of new and efficient bottle washing equipment has become inevitable

Hefei Zhongchen Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. wants to meet the needs of users and is eager to meet the needs of users. On the basis of having a variety of bottle washing equipment manufacturing technology, it has carried out extensive market research, collected and listened to the opinions and suggestions of various parties, and took the lead in developing and producing a series of yp-wt double end bottle washing machines, which are especially suitable for the washing and disinfection of recycled bottles of dairy drinks. It has been favored by users as soon as it was listed. For example, Shenzhen Chenguang beverage company has purchased two yp532wt bottle washing machines with 28000 bottles/hour in succession, Hong Kong Vita food and Beverage Co., Ltd. has also purchased two bottle washing machines of this series in succession, and Guangzhou Fengxing milk Co., Ltd., Guangdong Yantang cow milk Co., Ltd. and other manufacturers have also purchased such bottle washing machines with beautiful appearance. At present, yp-wt double end bottle washing machine mainly has the following types of products, yp416wt, yp432wt, yp532wt and yp632wt. The production capacity is 1200018000, 2000024000, 2800032000, 36000 bottles/hour, etc

yp-wt series double end bottle washing machine, its bottle inlet and discharge are completely automatic, and its operation is stable and reliable. The bottle inlet and outlet are at one end respectively, and the bottle outlet end can be set in the closed workshop. Dirty bottles are rejected, and dirty and clean are separated, ensuring hygiene. After the bottles enter the equipment with the special bottle carrying box, they are first pre washed with two courses of recycled water. At this time, the bottle is in an inverted state, and a strong spray can remove plastic straws, floating dust, mud, sand and other debris, greatly reducing the consumption of washing liquid behind. Only 8.4% of the pre washed bottles are continuously soaked in multiple tanks of washing liquid, and the washing liquid in the bottle is changed once every time it passes through a soaking tank. Through the effective control of the temperature and concentration of the solution in each tank, the dirt inside and outside the bottle is fully softened and reacted, and the bottle is sprayed with strong lye at the appropriate position. There are about 240000 kinds of inorganic materials known, so as to completely remove the dirt inside and outside the bottle. The bottles cleaned with lye will then enter the clean water tank for lye dilution and further soaking, and finally enter the comprehensive internal and external cleaning, washing and disinfection, including three secondary circulating water, three primary circulating water, two new water and one disinfection water, plus a total of four external fixed washing, so that the inside and outside of the bottle can be fully washed and disinfected, and discharged after being fully drained. The main drive of this kind of bottle washing machine adopts stepless speed change, and each power transmission part is equipped with a safety protection device, which has the functions of overload release torque and automatic shutdown in case of failure, so as to ensure safe and reliable production

At present, yp-wt series double end bottle washing machine is also in a faster and leading position in the same industry in China. It has all the advanced functions of the previous beverage bottle washing machine, and has added many new functions according to the characteristics of dairy beverage recycling bottles. First of all, its applicable range of bottle types is relatively expanded. Wide mouth and non wide mouth bottles, super high and low bottles can basically be used in general. It can even wash some bottles of special specifications. Secondly, many new bottle washing processes and their functional components have been added, which is also the most important aspect, such as the new disinfection water washing or high-temperature water washing, which meet the different requirements of different users in many ways. Although the bottles used by various manufacturers are different, the dairy drinks filled are also various, and the bottle washing processes used are also different, the washing and disinfection effect of the recycled bottles is obvious to all, and has been widely recognized and praised by users

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