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Santak launched a new generation of intelligent UPS

the new generation castle series UPS Castle 6K (s) ~3c20ks launched by Santak Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., a diversified industrial product provider under Eaton company, adopts a dual conversion pure architecture design, which can most effectively solve all power supply problems, such as power failure or mains voltage is too high or too low, voltage drops instantly or amplitude reduction oscillation, high voltage pulse, voltage fluctuation, surge voltage Harmonic distortion, clutter interference, frequency fluctuation and other conditions can provide good solutions to provide safe and reliable power supply guarantee for user loads

Santo castle series UPS Castle 6K (s) ~3c20ks is a green and energy-saving product with strong applicability. At present, the most advanced DSP digital control technology is adopted, which effectively improves the product performance. At the same time, in the past 20 years, as an industry leader, it has been developing the reliability of "bulletproof materials" for U.S. law enforcement agencies, and realizing the integration and miniaturization of higher power density. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of different users in an all-round way, castle series CAS currently has enterprises using graphene in the textile field. Tle 6K (s) ~3c20ks provides a very rich range of extensible functions, and users can flexibly configure according to their needs to truly "change as needed"

Santo castle series UPS Castle 6K (s) ~3c20ks mainly has the following characteristics:

1, high performance and high reliability

IGBT inverter and PWM technology are adopted

it has comprehensive protection function against UPS overload, short circuit, low battery voltage and high UPS temperature, and can automatically shut down

pfc power factor correction, power factor> 0.95

cold start and self start functions ensure that the equipment can be started under any circumstances

intelligent charge and discharge management, effectively extending battery life

temperature detection and over temperature protection

2. High availability

the n+1 parallel redundancy design is adopted, and up to three ups are directly connected in parallel, which can provide a high availability power redundancy scheme

it has comprehensive protection function for UPS overload, short circuit, low battery voltage, abnormal temperature, etc., and can automatically shut down

during maintenance, the load can be powered without interrupting the system operation

lightweight and low noise

3. Flexibility and scalability

the backup time is flexibly designed to meet different needs from 10 minutes to several hours. Therefore, the process control temperature is often much higher than the thermal deformation temperature of the material

the external time-delay battery pack can be connected to the ups without interfering with the work of the ups

The parallel redundancy design of

n+1 provides a high scalability solution

4. Advanced communication function

supports RS232 communication interface and RS232 communication line

SNMP, AS400, CMC card and other communication boards can be added according to application needs to make UPS highly intelligent

support winpower power power management software to meet customers' needs for UPS power monitoring

send fault alarm information and event records to users

realize automatic and complete shutdown of different servers under the environment of various computer operating platforms

Santak's new generation castle series UPS Castle 6K (s) ~3c20ks not only has made major breakthroughs in product performance, reliability, power density and other aspects, but also has made a great leap in its design ideas and concepts, from the traditional product technology orientation to the humanistic care orientation, and more from the perspective of users. Whether it is a rich choice of parts design, a variety of monitoring support and the intelligent design of the machine itself, it is also a similar DIY purchase method at present, which all reflects this spirit. This is also why the new generation castle castle series UPS of Santak has been popular with users as soon as it came into the market

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