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New Volvo accessory tooling makes excavators have more functions

new Volvo accessory tooling makes excavators have more functions

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Guide: at this year's Bauma exhibition in Munich, Volvo Construction equipment showed a series of special shovels. A chemical enterprise asked us' how do chemical enterprises Internet + '? " Zhao Lei recalled to reporters that the bucket and hydraulic crushing hammer can perfectly match and work together with small and general-purpose excavators. In order to increase the function and flexibility of excavator, Volvo launched a series of new accessories at Bauma exhibition in Munich this year

at this year's Bauma exhibition in Munich, Volvo Construction equipment showed a series of special buckets and hydraulic crushing hammers, which can perfectly match and work together with the small and general-purpose excavation foundation dynamic characteristics test specification gb/t 50269 (9) 7 excavator

in order to increase the function and flexibility of excavators, Volvo launched a series of new auxiliary tooling products at Bauma exhibition in Munich this year. The building blocks of PEF may actually have nonlinear fragments, including general and heavy buckets of large excavators, new hydraulic crushing hammers of small excavators and auxiliary tooling for German speaking countries

Volvo general purpose and heavy-duty buckets for large excavators

these buckets are made of high-strength steel and wear-resistant guard plates, which have the best penetration and durability, and can meet the needs of various operations and materials, from soil loosening to rock blasting. The top structure adopts a new design, which can provide higher strength and durability

the general series bucket (not listed in China) is particularly suitable for excavating and loading soft and neutral materials, including soil, fertile soil, sand, loose clay (containing a small amount of rock) and materials with a maximum material density of 1800 kg/m3, and has a variety of direct or quick installation joints. They have stronger penetration and more advanced geometric teeth, which can achieve better filling coefficient and material unloading effect. The heavy bucket suitable for mining or quarrying operations can perfectly loosen or blast materials with a density of up to 2100 kg/m3, such as rock, hard soil and gravel. It is the most ideal equipment for dense material operations. Thanks to the reinforced top structure, wear strips covering more than 80% of the bottom, and wear plates covering 50% of the side body, this type of bucket has a longer service life than general-purpose products

HB series hydraulic crushing hammers for small excavators

according to the specific weight of Volvo machines, Volvo Construction equipment has optimized HB series hydraulic crushing hammers suitable for small equipment, adapted to Volvo quick connectors, and can realize fast, safe, and easy accessory tooling conversion. The HB02 to hb08 series hydraulic crushing hammers, which are suitable for small excavators under 10 tons, have an operating weight ranging from 129 (114) kg to 577 (510) kg, and are durable enough to cope with various operations, while providing constant impact frequency and power to ensure higher production capacity. At present, China only provides hb06 hydraulic crushing hammer of 6-ton small excavator

Volvo's new crushing hammer is equipped with an accumulator, which can reduce the noise and vibration level of the machine, improve the comfort and safety of operators, and reduce the damage to the boom and forearm. The hb08 crusher hammer can be used in the case of two speed control, while the hb07 and hb08 crushers have an automatic anti air strike control system, which will automatically stop the hitting operation of the crusher hammer when empty strike occurs

the new crusher hammer product series can be used together with a zigzag drill, chisel, compaction plate, blunt knife and shovel. Its functions are diverse and suitable for any operation needs. Users can purchase a complete set of crusher hammer products, including hydraulic hoses, hydraulic quick connectors (sold in Europe, the Middle East and Africa), crusher hammer supports and tools

auxiliary tooling parts of small excavators for German speaking countries

in order to match the lehnhoff quick connector on small excavators, Volvo launched a full range of buckets and auxiliary tooling products in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. They are not only suitable for old Volvo excavators, but also for new machines. Related products include:

Universal bucket with Volvo bucket teeth and bucket transportation system as standard, and optional accessories side teeth 3 Ton small excavator)

fixed ditch cleaning bucket with drain hole

new tilting ditch cleaning bucket (45 ° angle, twice) with two hydraulic hoses and connectors as standard

new Volvo crushing hammer with low noise and German bracket

users can switch to use as needed; All Volvo auxiliary tooling parts are supported by Volvo Construction equipment service network and technicians, repair workshops and dealers all over the world

Volvo Construction equipment in China

Volvo Construction equipment is the world's leading construction equipment manufacturer and a trusted partner in China. Over the past 180 years, Volvo Construction equipment has led the industrial transformation with its excellent quality, solid safety commitment, innovative technological achievements and constantly optimized customer service concept. Volvo Construction equipment has also fully invested its most advanced environmental protection solutions in cooperation with China to help the industry and China achieve the long-term goal of sustainable development

Volvo Construction equipment belongs to Volvo Group. So far, Volvo Construction equipment has built two production bases and one technology research and development center in China, and its products cover almost all fields of construction machinery - General equipment, pavement machinery and small equipment. The dealer network in all provinces and autonomous regions of China (except Tibet) enables the company to more effectively grasp the pulse of the market and meet customer needs. Volvo Construction equipment has more than 900 high-quality employees in China and is committed to achieving common growth through local talent development programs

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