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On the afternoon of September 28, 2014, at the 15th anniversary celebration of Shanhe Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., the new ES series hydraulic hybrid excavator made a wonderful debut in a happy and peaceful atmosphere. In this press conference, swe350es excavator showed excellent fuel-saving performance, which caused a warm response from customers. Many customers expressed their willingness to purchase during the CTI forum held in Kempinski Hotel, Suzhou Industrial Park from September 17 to 19 this year. Mr. Su Zimeng, Secretary General of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, and other industry leaders and experts attended the new product launch

It is understood that since 2006, Shanhe intelligent has begun to study the energy-saving technology of excavators, and has successively completed the development of energy-saving excavator series products in combination with a number of national 863 and science and technology support projects. The ES series hydraulic hybrid excavator launched this time integrates many core technologies with independent intellectual property rights, including multi cylinder drive, and also stipulates the production specifications, such as arm energy recovery, slewing flow self matching, etc. it is a milestone product of Shanhe intelligent on the industrialization of excavator energy-saving technology. The appraisal of scientific and technological achievements organized by Hunan Machinery Industry Association shows that the energy recovery and utilization technology of this product is at the international leading level

"Shanhe intelligent has always advocated a leading innovative development mode. Today's release of hydraulic hybrid excavator is another fruitful achievement of this innovative company's clear concept." Mr. Chen, executive deputy general manager of Shanhe intelligent equipment group, said in his speech. According to the president of Shanhe Intelligent Research Institute, this excavator has been tested by a third-party authority, and the potential energy recovery efficiency during the boom lowering process is as high as 90%. Under the standard operating conditions, compared with the traditional hydraulic excavator of the same level, the energy-saving effect is obvious, the oil consumption of the whole machine can be reduced by up to 27%, the operating efficiency can be increased by more than 25%, the operation coordination is good, and the exhaust emission is significantly improved. According to the feedback from customers in the early stage, compared with the same tonnage and the same model, swe350es excavator can save up to 200000 yuan in oil cost every year, and the economic benefit is very significant

according to the data provided by Shanhe intelligent, the new excavator has completed more than 2000 hours of user tests at multiple construction sites, and its system reliability and fuel saving performance have been fully verified. For the comprehensive promotion of this product, Shanhe intelligent has formulated highly competitive promotion policies and more guaranteed after-sales support conditions, so that users can enjoy its rich returns without any worries at the same time

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