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Shandong new regulations issued nannai "excessive packaging"

the law on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste, which has been implemented for half a month, said "no" to "excessive packaging" for the first time. However, due to the inability to determine the specific standard of packaging "degree" and the lack of detailed provisions in the implementation, the new regulations are still a little helpless. Relevant people believe that in addition to the self-discipline measures issued by industry associations, specific implementation rules are still needed to limit excessive packaging

this morning, if the deformation is too large, replace the belt; Loosen the fixing screws of the motor. Several large shopping malls and supermarkets in the provincial capital understand that the luxury packaging of many goods has hardly been "convergent" due to the introduction of regulations. Many dealers told that many consumers buy goods out of the need of gifts, so packaging is a special kind of goods. An agent expressed grievance about this. It is obviously unreasonable to include luxury packaging in excessive packaging in the market. Should packaging made for consumer needs be included in excessive packaging

"how to define excessive packaging? What is the specific standard of 'degree' of excessive packaging? The law on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste does not clearly stipulate these most critical contents." Said Zhao Peizhong, Deputy Secretary General of Jinan Packaging Technology Association

professionals from the packaging industry office and the Packaging Technology Association generally believe that although the new regulations have mandatory effect, they lack quantitative definition standards for excessive packaging and are insufficient in specific operability. There was no detailed explanation on the materials of commodity packaging, the value ratio of packaging to commodities, packaging standards, specifications and styles, etc. Whether a commodity belongs to excessive packaging is very vague, which not only makes it difficult for manufacturers to implement, but also limits the implementation of regulations to a certain extent. Wood packaging materials entering Jinan experimental machine factory microcomputer controlled cement pressure testing machine twists and turns to meet the requirements of gb/t17671 (1) 999 and iso0679 (1) 998. New materials with high risks or bring new changes

in addition, producers are responsible for the environmental pollution caused, and the recycling of used packaging materials is also included in the regulations; However, the punishment measures for violators and their corresponding responsibilities are not explained, resulting in the lack of legal basis

"this situation requires the introduction of mandatory detailed standards." Zhao Peizhong, Deputy Secretary General of the Packaging Technology Association, said that compared with cities in the south, the excessive packaging of enterprises in the province is not very serious, which may be one reason why regulations including spray and detergent refinement have not been issued

the relevant personage of the Packaging Technology Association believes that under the situation that there is a market for excessive packaging, industry self-discipline may be a better choice at present. Based on this, the industry association can formulate specific implementation measures on excessive packaging to restrict production and packaging enterprises. When it comes to the effect of industry self-discipline, Deputy Secretary General Zhao believes that industry self-discipline requires enterprises to consciously abide by it, but the actual effect may be discounted due to the lack of mandatory measures. He only expects relevant departments to issue specific and detailed regulations

a relevant person from the legislative department of the Legislative Affairs Office of the provincial government said that if the provisions of the general law are not detailed enough, specific implementation rules may be issued in the actual operation process. According to relevant regulations, local people's congresses can also formulate supporting regulations in combination with local realities

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