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Brief introduction of green food and green packaging

green food refers to the pollution-free, safe, high-quality and nutritious food that has been recognized by the multi-channel closed-loop control organization and is licensed to use the green food logo. Green packaging refers to the packaging that is harmless to the ecological environment and human health, has no environmental pollution, can be recycled and recycled, and can promote sustainable development. Entering the 21st century, green food will dominate the world market, and green food must have green packaging will also become the trend of the situation. Actively researching and developing "green packaging" is the inevitable choice of the packaging industry in the new century facing China's entry into WTO. Protecting the quality of green food and maintaining the freshness of green food are the basic functions of green packaging. At present, common green packaging includes: Green aseptic fresh-keeping packaging, which is the preferred target of green food packaging, and can be used to package fruit juice, milk, mineral water, etc. 1/3 of beverages in Britain, Germany, France, etc; At the same time, 7million gallons of oil refining oil can be saved every year for packaging fruits and vegetables. Under certain (1) exchange servo driver and exchange servo electromechanical temperature, the fresh-keeping packaging bag can be kept fresh for 60~80 days, and the fresh-keeping packaging bag can be reused for recycling; Paper packaging, widely promoted in green food packaging, can directly package quantitative grain, which is favored by users; Degradable plastic packaging, used for tableware and trays, is also an ideal green food packaging, which can completely replace disposable foamed plastic trays (boxes), solve white pollution and protect the ecological environment; Edible packaging is not only a good way to solve the contradiction between food packaging waste and environmental protection, but also a packaging film that does not affect the flavor of green food

green food must have green packaging, which has become the fashion of green food packaging in the new century and the mainstream of packaging. The environmental protection department of the government clearly stipulates that there should be "four in one" signs on the outer packaging of green food: green food signs, green food words, codes, laser anti-counterfeiting stickers and certification. He said that the "people-oriented" reform will "integrate economic, political, social and ecological environment" units. At the same time, it is told that natural food is not equal to green food, and attention must be paid to identifying the "green card" of the package when shopping

(from China Food Quality News)

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